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  1. Angeldust sprinkles

    Hi Barbara. Is the crème with a mix of estrogen and progesterone unadvisable for those who are trying to lose weight. Yes, the dreaded tummy fat. Im concerned as to whether to stay with the progesterone, or make the change

  2. Elvie Elizondo

    Blessings Miss Barbara🙏 SO Blessed To Have Found your Channel ❤️

  3. Lynda

    I just ordered your 2 books and cream thanks from Montreal looking forward to getting them !

  4. Jamie Leigh

    is cla safe to take while breast feeding?

  5. R M

    I also ordered your book–can't wait to read it! xoxox

  6. R M

    Love your videos, Barbara! Since CLA capsules are so large, is it possible to squeeze them into a drink or a glass of water?

  7. songofangels777

    You look radiant as always

  8. Beth McHugh

    What brand is this CLA Barbara? You are on our side!! Your cross is beautiful….thank you for being so proud of our Beloved JESUS.

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