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  1. Men Guide

    Here are 3 reasons why women love a bigger penis. What about your opinion, please share it below :

  2. Yaquies Cosby-Jones

    What it mean if ya dick get smaller?

  3. James Billy

    Black dick is the best.

  4. Nay Naing


  5. Lil Zachy

    Da fuq did I just watch

  6. Stephen Gill

    Do one for 50 reasons men want women with bigger boobs… Ridiculous stereotype!!!😆

  7. Mrs. Vampire girl30 Hudson

    So true that's why I ❤ big penis so much more

  8. Mobarak Ali

    Men are more visually stimulated, not women, conception does not depend on size, and arousal/ stimulation also. Sorry…

  9. BoneSavageIwalkerbuyerI SantoSantiti

    3 reasons why they don't deserve my credit card..

  10. Scope In &Out

    I wish I had Lex Steeles dick size and Peter Norths cum shots! Perfect combo for all them thirsty ladies out there!😉😄😄😄😄💪💪💪💪💪

  11. wdufresne71

    I have almost nothing for a 6'1 tall 200 pound guy, i don't bother with sex at all.

  12. Will Bumpus

    Well ladies check the man's dick dick size before you get involved with him if you want to marry him then you turn then start fucking around on him that it's not right check his dick if it's not what you want leave alone go find your donkey or mule someplace

  13. Beebagr Baloch

    I have enhanced mine

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