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  1. DinvarroB

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  2. Yukiko Dotty

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  3. Joe Schmoe

    I didn't know Mitchell from Modern Family knew so much about physical therapy.

  4. serkek ono ?

    Great tips funny vid tho

  5. WoldFitness

    Thank you Kate! Way to go on riding a century 🙂

  6. Kate Faulkner

    These are great. I did a century ride yesterday and my lower back was killing me. These exercises worked immediately and my pain is almost gone. Sorry you have to put up with stupid comments from so many idiots. Thanks for posting this video.

  7. TheMrRawsom


  8. Dee Gray

    How do you stop sore butt? LOL

  9. puiselo

    This is just bad

  10. morfuk

    back stretching, no homo.

  11. Thomas Turner

    ah it's not that band some good stretches but pretty entertaining lol

  12. bgaong

    I don't care if you're a gay. the most important thing is that it works !
    Thank you for sharing, your advise reached me, from the other side of the universe, in southeast Asia !

  13. Trevor Keogh

    I was expecting him to launch into a rendition of YMCA at any moment, great stuff. The stretches are actually excellent for pre-cycle warm-up, once you get through the campness. Give that guy his own TV show.

  14. kie7077

    You haven't seen much on the interwebs have you!

  15. TheStreisandEffect

    :57 …squeeze that buttcheek in *smack* lol

  16. The Cloaked Hedgehog

    Thank you! The last two ones really helped with my lower back problems after bicycling! 🙂

  17. greenlight2600

    This just looks gay XD, I guess I gotta just deal with the pain

  18. Marcela Orozco

    This rlly helped me thank xD

  19. RedHillGuitarist

    Im 14 and am having backpain… I think it is from cycling.. I am in the junior section of the club, have had a bike fit but none of it has worked.. I have tried these exercises and they help a bit.. I was wondering if it is something to worry about or is it just me growing.. Thanks

  20. Rick

    Does this work?

  21. F4rmGirl4Life

    OOhh that feels good LOL

  22. F4rmGirl4Life

    LOL, I love him!!

  23. carlos deno

    Hip flex, just needs night fever by the bee gees playing..! cool video tho dude, thanks.

  24. userbeverage

    0:56 – So funny!

    Very gay but still pretty good video 🙂

  25. metronomic1

    I would bang this guy.

  26. metronomic1

    00:52 Ice Capades!

  27. Geoffrey Nunn

    Some good simple tips there, thanks.

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