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  1. Gordon Wallis

    You might find this interesting? https://youtu.be/c–gGcsc4aw

  2. Infinite Abundance

    THANKS DREW!!!!!!

  3. Crystal IslandGirl

    want to come to my neighborhood and do some stretches? shirtless ?

  4. James Edward Russell

    I'm known for having violent lower back pain this video plus the juicer I've ordered FitLifeTV only been subbed for three or four days and I'm sold!!!

  5. rose123

    what a majestic and shaped body drew

  6. mary wright

    I am doing this NOW! my back is always bad! I take crazy amounts of pain killers!

  7. alice coppers

    Yoga and diet have gotten rid of my back pain….everyday!

  8. JunetynF MonsterShamanMusic

    I haven't had an all green drink in weeks. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. demiusofficial

    Can you do one for neck and shoulder pain?  My neck feels heavy.  Thanks Drew!

  10. A helping Hand

    Do you get massages on a regular basis? They are good for your health and your low back.

  11. MoMax

    Daaayuum he's ripped!

  12. Xenoverse

    Drew Canole has an incredible body! Wow!

  13. Brian Uhl

    Hot man!  Woof!

  14. vLad

    Great video. Beautiful body.

  15. globalman

    Drew, Once upon a time I lived in LA and would think nothing of driving from my flat in Culver City to Laguna to have dinner with friends. I would leave about 5 on Friday afternoon and 60 minutes later I was in the center of Laguna Beach. A little heavy until Long Beach and then there was hardly a car the rest of the way.
    Also at that time I often went to San Diego. Went to the theatre there a couple of times, great old theatre. Or just to visit a friend.  From my door to downtown San Diego was about 2 hours maybe 2 and a quarter.
    Petrol was also 18 to 22 cents a gallon.  🙂

  16. aCa

    I like the information and wisdom you put out on your videos. 
    I like training as well but i have a bad habit on always taking a protein drink afterwards.
    Can you recommend something more natural to eat or drink after the training?

  17. Frank From Upstate NY

    All good Drew…but add a "low level strength" training exercise…..like "single leg squats" with body weight only.  Then do the stretches…stretching is good, but muscle adds "strength to guard" and allow for adaption.

  18. lovelife02


  19. euga

    Lacrosse Ball massage of the glutes helps with all sorts of lower back and knee pains

  20. Jw Smart

    Dude, if you got between LA and San Diego in 3 hours traffic was pretty good…

  21. ckrtom2

    Nice Drew! Look at you all sexy and shirtless there on the street! Love it!  🙂 You always remind me of Leonardo DiCaprio (that's a compliment). 🙂

  22. sam beaumont D'silva

    Isn't it strange going stretches in the middle of the street lol

  23. Tawny Caban

    I just fell upon your videos and you are awesome I am premenopausal and tired all the time so I am fascinated by juices going. I am starting to listen to your videos throughout the day and I am inspired A new juicer would be the perfect beginning for my journey to look and feel better in my 50's thank you. So much. Tawny Caban

  24. CR1545

    Thank's for the tip suga. 🙂

  25. Joe Henry Ryan

    Seriously thank you for just makijng videos on YouTube! There's something about you that makes me happy no matter what the video is   🙂

  26. Gjon Kola

    I think it's time for a workout video … and post workout meal prep

  27. HuzzHot

    Btw you forgot to mention that you have to stretch when your muscles are warmed up by some cardio

  28. Jordan Pike

    Dang Drew.  Looking fit!

  29. Phillip Tran

    Thank you so much I have been having horrible lower back pain and really hoping this works.

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