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  1. Josiah Hall

    lost 11 lbs this challenge, over 115 lbs on keto over last year and a half.

  2. Anusha Pani

    yes female channel .

  3. Lisa Garrett


  4. Lisa Garrett

    Lost 10 lbs, but I will be even more excited when I drop below the 150 lb mark!!

  5. Tracie Boss

    workouts yes!

  6. Tracie Boss

    ok, cool that would be amazing if you do that with the pdf's etc.  That's awesome on the additional channels.  I would definitely do it.  Yes Female channel!!

  7. Corinne Jones

    I love the idea of a channel geared towards women along with all of the hormonal issues and the working out stuff that is just for women only because they are different body type them men.
    Honestly if you were to adding a paid subscription on channel I would not personally pay for it. Not because the content wouldn't be worth it Timmy with our personal life I would rather put money into my gardening or my mortgage things like that we try not to overspend and keep into a budget.
    I would love more content on a budget-friendly keto with larger families. We have a family of 6 and for the mom who literally makes 99% of the food and is home with the tiny children five and under all day long it would be nice to have healthier versions of things to give to the kids quick and easy things that don't take a lot of time and some grab-and-go options that are geared towards the children eating them. As a mom half of my food literally comes from the leftover food of the kids so we are not throwing away a bunch of food or wasting it. I don't have time to always sit down and eat and I tend to grab whatever's left on the kids plate as I'm cleaning up the kitchen and the table. Except dinner, dinner is a sit-down meal with every family member most nights.

  8. Tracie Boss

    Great idea.  I try and eat before I meet friends out.  They are not on keto, I'm the only one haha.  Its a challenge but no one in my group wants to try it.  So I don't force it.

  9. Tracie Boss

    I get it!

  10. Tracie Boss

    I also just need some meal plans set out for me.  I'm bad at how to combine.

  11. Tracie Boss


  12. Tracie Boss

    yes that's me, total mirror change. feel great

  13. Tracie Boss

    I'm stuck now, scale not moving but bodyfat has changed.

  14. Tracie Boss

    Tracie NJ 🙂

  15. astrid catanza

    Can I used CBG and CBD derive products as part of the Keto?
    Check out the product for description. http://www.zilis.com/7157792

  16. lish1973

    Right now I’m 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs. If I lower the fat intake, which do I up, my protein or carbs?

  17. lish1973

    14.2 lbs.

  18. Dilcy Petruzziello

    Thank you for this video! I wanted more general guidelines for after the challenge is over. Thank you 🙏🏽

  19. Janet Fallico

    -Janet from Chicago

  20. m dmur

    Would love HIIT short videos if possible for 62 yr old female walker 30 min a day exercise. How to implement

  21. Janel P. Phillip

    Doing the challenge from Trinidad 🇹🇹

  22. Milly Mc

    Would really love to see specific female content

  23. MagicHeide

    Super disappointed with my 30 day challenge. Neither DeLauer nor his admins replied to problems posted in that private Facebook group. If it was that you were getting negative results, the posts were deleted. I personally did lose weight but was unable to eat all the food from the first week on. Then I just started throwing it up. Not fun. Not healthy. There needs to be a warning. And DeLauer needs to address the problem of not being actually able to eat like this.

  24. Ben Griffiths

    I have been following your keto tips now for a few months, lost about 10kgs then plateaued. Then did this changed adding fasting in and dropped 7kgs but also went up in strength. I gone down 2 belt sizes while gaining some muscle mass.

    Just wanted to say a big thanks to all your tips and advice and taking the time to share your knowledge. At 43 I now feel I can reverse some of the aging affects.

  25. Sharon Rose

    Yes female channel!

  26. Kfit

    Failing miserably. Going back to 1st video – Kris – PA

  27. Cinthya Tamayo

    Yes for female channel… thank you! You're the only person I have seen here on you tube who does this for the purpose of spreading knowledge and helping others. A paid channel would be nice to get the extra and pay you with what we can is the least we can. God bless you!

  28. Bernie Bilay

    Wow! Dauphin Manitoba Canada

  29. LiLiMarie425

    Yes to both!!
    My sweetheart and I are about to embark on this plan so thank you so much for the help and clear content!! I have wanted to do this for a while now but it can be completely confusing. Thank you for caring enough to help people

  30. D M

    Thanks for the info on the fish oil/Omega 3s. I was waiting to hear about this from you since I can't eat fish or seafood. 🙂

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