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    Your skin is glowing

  2. JujuLuvsGlitznGlam

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and you look great! All love 💖💖💖

  3. Charmaine B

    I was in your January group. It was very informative.

  4. know thy self


  5. tess theladybug

    MzBrooklyn what is in the detox teat at the end of the video?

  6. books6000

    You look beautiful 😍 you skin oh my goodness. Best wishes on your challenge. I cannot wait to get detox drink video 😌 please

  7. Glam Beauty

    I use your videos to keep myself disciplined

  8. plussizeinchicago

    YYYAAASSSS you’re looking good miss mamas 🥰👌🏾💪🏾!! I’m about to get back to it after a little slipping #SnatchedGamesPERIOD

  9. Simone Woodberry

    Hey sis, you look amazing! Keep up the good work! You are motivating me I need to get back on track. I'm getting that coffee!!!


    OMG!!! How cute is your nephew. Mommy Mommy Mommy!!! 🥰🥰🥰 Reminds me of when my baby was that young, even though my son is only a year or 2 older.

  11. fleming34bee

    Hey mzb you are rocking the 30 day challenge but I knew you would no doubt in my mind love you and I really do hope you do a challenge for us viewer

  12. Kountess Dough

    Hey boo haven't seen you in a cool minute been out recouping. But u look fantastic as always.

  13. mrskatt69

    You got this girl!! Work it!

  14. Queen Kahwanna Nashan

    Your skin is flawless

  15. Krystal Greenwood

    What's in the detox tea? Do you have a recipe video?

  16. K OLIVER

    Sis I'm definitely getting some of the coffee. Love seeing you 🥰🥰

  17. juanitajean70

    I have to get myself back on track. Thanks for sharing. 😊👍

  18. Beautiful Butterfly


  19. Leanne Peterson

    Awe thanks for the shoutout. Your personality is so down to earth you can’t help but to love you💋. Happy Holidays to you and the Family beautiful.

  20. jipsee Smith


  21. Mieka Fasting Weight Loss

    Notification gang here 👊🌺

  22. Kayla Waller

    I can't wait to get started after my surgery. I have all my emails, and will get it started. Congratulations to you and keep on inspiring…

  23. Danica J

    Omg your thumbnails make me sick!! I was about to get ready to watch a movie and was like waaaaiiitttt bihhh Brooklyn on the beat!!!

  24. Dana Simmons


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