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  1. Big Beautiful Me

    Aww thanks guys for the comments they are really helpful. I almost killed myself with brazil nuts! 😨😰😰❤💜

  2. Karen

    You’re doing awesome!

  3. Bobbie Holden

    Be careful with the nuts. Very high calorie.Bake some chicken to take with you or some cheese. Like Dr. berg says, not lose weight and get healthy, get healthy and lose weight. Congrats

  4. Sassy Pants Serenade

    Chantal you are doing really good! Good job staying on top of your health.

  5. Tabitha Michel

    Seeing you at the gym made me emotional! Good job! So proud of you!

  6. Tabitha Michel

    Yas girl! So awesome! Planning is great! You're doing great.

  7. 1WickedAngel1

    You're doing great babe ! Keep up the good work !
    Hugs & Kisses 🤗 😘
    Love Ya❤️

  8. Pamela Triplett

    Hi, I think you get nervous because I notice you say ( SO) so many times anymore. I never noticed before until now. Guess we all have triggers that can cause different things. Take care!

  9. Dana Jo

    Keep up the good work and 15 minutes of cardio is better than none, I haven't been watching you long but I am so so so proud of you! Your skin is gorgeous!! What do you use on it???? 🥰🥰

  10. trippletee808

    Keep it up so proud of you ❤️😍

  11. sharon aruglia

    I have cats too! Hi I'm a new youtuber and you're welcome to stop by and check out my content. Ok see ya later bye 👋. 🙂

  12. Airikah

    I've been watching you for a long time now. And you know I feel like I go through the same things that you do. One moment you are comfortable in your skin and the next moment you aren't. Those moments you aren't, you go through some extreme transformation. I am still struggling as I write this with my own self image. Really… the biggest thing we forget is about feeling healthy. Even in those moments where I feel like I don't care what I look like, I still feel sluggish. I still feel tired. I still feel exhausted, and I still feel mentally not clear. I am here to support you love. Just throw that scale away and make it about how you feel inside and then out. We get one chance to live on this earth and why waste it on feeling like we should be what everyone expects us to be. And I may have had a few too many shots of Jack Daniels right now, but truth juice is legit right? Keep it real, I am with you <3

  13. Marisa L

    Yes girl, dish soap and vinegar = no more soap scum!! ❤️❤️❤️✌🏻

  14. IceDavide

    Keto Resources

  15. Stacy M

    I just keep my almond and coconut flour in the fridge and it stays good and fresh.

  16. Yolanda Rodrigurz

    Omg what an inspiration u are. You’ve over come so much negativity and u never gave up, that’s my girl. So happy for u.

  17. Ginger s

    Try not to get discouraged if the scale isn't going down…you'll loose inches before pounds on keto

  18. fourwaffle

    You're doing so great Chantal! You've really come so far – so proud of you 😊

  19. Ymch 55

    I hope you read this.
    Just remember how far you’ve already come. Don’t stop now. The progress in the end will be worth it trust me (-: ❤️

  20. Sarah Peryer


  21. Sandra Rios


  22. Molly Wilkins

    What the hell does beezin mean? Somebody please help

  23. Queen Mom75

    Just wanted to tell you. I'm very proud of you for wanting to change your eating habits. It's awesome your finally wanting to get healthy. You have family and friends that love you and care about you. They would want you to be around a little longer. As long as you stick to your diets and push for a better health and life. You'll do great. Props to you…🤗💓👍

  24. 3 Roses Tarot

    That needle, ouch!! Keep up the good work, it's all going to pay off with better health!💙💙💙

  25. MA Gardner

    Is one of your doors ajar? The lights are on in your car!

  26. Chill B

    I absolutely hate walking on a treadmill, but find I can easily tackle double amount of time just taking a brisk walk outside. You’re doing good!

  27. Tara Valentino

    Hey! I wanted to let you know that doing 2-3 minutes of cardio and then moving onto lifting weights is optimal for fat burning. So you can cut your cardio up even more there

  28. no judgement here

    I love you.. I hate your cat voice! But… My dog voice is the worst😀😅

  29. Akmp 777

    Hey lady! Don’t count your calories! Try to keep carbs @ 20 if you can!

  30. Akmp 777

    I love watching your videos again! Keep up the good work! You are yourself again!!!

  31. Elizabeth McKeon

    You are truly amazing putting yourself and your health first! You are so worth it. I'm on my first day of keto and feel like we are doing this together. I'm terrified of going to the gym because of people looking at me. But I will get the courage to go. Please go over a meal plan for those of us starting out and are addicted to sugar. So proud of you. ❤️

  32. JoyofHerHeart

    I recommend Dr. Ken Berry's YouTube channel. His YT has helped me so much. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIma2WOQs1Mz2AuOt6wRSUw

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