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  1. eamon loughrey

    I've lost 58lbs since June 1st (now 27th July) on WATER only FASTING. I began with trying 7 DAY but went onto 14 DAYS took 3 Days off then another 7 Days. Went through the same routine 7 on 3 off. I have been amazed at the change. 266 to 208lbs. If you want to speak that might be of interest to you. My email is psychegnosis.com this is not a hoax

  2. Hosea Burns

    370lbs now 294 thanks Chris. I'm now doing a 30 day fast.. I'm on day 6. It's getting harder but I'm going to push through

  3. Divine Goddess

    Congrats bro!🎈🎉🍾

  4. Drinkk Bleach

    I been on 7 days water fast and I felt like I ain’t losing any fat at all. Please tell me if I do more days thats when I’ll seeing results..

  5. 59vanity

    Who remembers their first fast? I have never done one so this will be my very first 24 hour fast on Monday, 7/22/19. Compared to Steven, this is nothing but for me it’s a big deal. I hope to eventually do more extended fasts once I have this under my belt.

  6. CountryBear93



    🙌. I love these interviews

  8. Cathye Cooper

    Yep 😒 ~ them snacks will getcha

  9. Danieyis vargas

    You looks hansom

  10. Charnay Nesbitt

    Such an inspiration!! This is day 2 of my 20 day water fast. Pray for me.

  11. I’m so dizzy

    Steve looks amazing!!!!

  12. NineD9Prblms FollowMe on Snap2

    For the people who are fasting 10days plus and working full time I need ADVICE & prayer from you

  13. Jasmin Jackson

    I’m On day 8 right now. I don’t know how long I’m going maybe 21 days. I don’t have a scale but I do measure ever few days went from a 38 inch wait to a 33 inch waist so far 🤷🏽‍♀️

  14. Pako II

    I'm at 240 lbs at the moment but I plan on going vegan and then start fasting. Is there a group of people that do this? Anyone wanna join me?

  15. Kimberly Wright

    Very nice chopstick use!

  16. gettin' there Janice

    I was 210 a few months back. I started fasting two weeks on two weeks off well that was the plan. Stuff came up. I did not stick to the plan well but I got down to 194. I did a little more research and herd from somewhere online about breaking a fast when hunger returns. I didn't know it returned. I was wanting to eat this coaco date and walnut raw brownie for my birthday and I wanted that in the middle of an eating week. But I had put off that treat 3 plus months for my birthday. Did I really actually care about eating it on my birthday. Or did I just want to go straight through hopefully to a healthy bmi which for me though have not been in my adult life or even at this height between 145 and 114. I am guessing 140 to 135 is where my body is supposed to be. At this height I have dropped very temparly twice to 155 but maintained 160 to 165 for almost two years twice I maxed out at 224 nine months pregnant but I have reached 220 on my own once but other than that one time this is the first time. I had been over 180. And 205 had stuck on me for a year not being able to shake it. use to fast. Loved it went on a 40 day that I stopped at 23 lost 21 pounds but I was freezing and I was falling asleep at work. I am on day six and I made the choice to do it summer so being cold will still be hot. Also I am adding electrolytes. Haven't commited to the ratio that fits right but. I am wanting to function as close to normal energy level throw this I am not active or energetic. But I am a pedestrian with a toddler so I can't be a zombie. I don't have a scale. I do have a measuring tape. I am shooting for 60 days willing to go 75 but stopping when hunger returns. Or if my waist hits 23 inches it was 37 prior to the start of this fast 36 yesterday. Or if I faint or am non functional. But this time around I am also going to make sure I am sleeping 8 to ten hours at night. I believe I have neological issues that correctable in ketosis. And this is by far the cheapest simplest way to stay there that and I really need some detox and recalibrating of gut flora

  17. Cece

    I'm giving myself 3 months to get to my ideal weight bcus after then I got to focus on other stuff now is the time I can't water fast with my stomach issues but I can reduce what I am eating. It's working for me I lost 8 kilos eating low carb/ keto

  18. Alex Garcia

    I started 6-6-19 with a goal weight of 200-220. Last time I weighed myself before I started I was 366 so I'll see where this takes me or how long it takes me to hit my target weight.

  19. Paul Money

    My Parkinson's is going away from water fasting on my 3rd day i am doing a 40 day fast

  20. MK A

    I fast everyday not because I want to lose wait or anything but I am broke.

  21. MAC

    Look up David Goggins. When you feel the hunger pains or something negative in general, keep going and find joy in it. Push past the limits. In most cases they’re self imposed.

  22. MAC

    Day 29. Feel great. Going for 40. Pretty scary but it’s been fun.

  23. Reese Reese

    I can do this it’s just my job is not a desk job somebody help!!!😂 seriously tho

  24. Silver Slipper


  25. MissCherie Cherie

    How much did he lose in 30days? What about lose skin?

  26. Vetty Clarke

    You are dying when you feel that terrible. You body is saying eat or die.

  27. Vetty Clarke

    Dream on. 80 looks like 40.

  28. Mika Bailey

    Hello ,
    I have 100lbs to get rid of . On April 22nd I decided to make that change to do the right thing for my well being . So I’ve lost 33 lbs in 27 days from cutting out all sugar , carbs , dairy etc .
    I want to know is it best to cleanse / detox the body before water fasting ?

  29. HüDO NēDEM

    I’m telling you, I’ve seen the past videos to know you guys do strictly water when fasting .. but from what I’ve seen, in order to get past that 14 or 30 day limit and lethargy , you need some pink salt and cream of tartar for electrolytes and potassium .. I’m telling you, that’s the secret from seeing someone fasting and looking tired and drained, and seeing someone fasting and being like how do you have so much energy??

  30. hab fre

    Sorry how much water intake allowed when wf

  31. hab fre

    I feel dizziness and nausea ..on my second day of..wf .is it normal?

  32. Rodi Spot

    So I’m in !!! I’m on day 3 of waterfasting took me a couple days to transition from intermitten fasting.

    I’m really good right now. My will Power is growing everyday. I’m thankful for this video and all of you in the comments.

    Thank you for sharing and inspiring others
    I’ve already seen physical change.

  33. RUBI

    Remember a few years ago all these people were calling this borderline anorexia. And saying it was a waste of time, and that whole “starvation mode” BS. Now Intermittent Fasting and Keto are the #1 most proven weight loss methods out there. Long Term fasting is a lot less common but still gaining traction. I start my 31 day fast at 9am today wish me luck (ps. It’s 31 days because I failed yesterday and want to get that day back lol)

  34. sia koroma

    Wow 😮 AMAZING 👏👏👏👏
    What a transformation
    I love this
    Thank You for inspiring me
    I have started my water fasting today my current weight is 203pounds and 5ft 4 tall , wrong body proportion 😂
    I need to melt some of these fat
    So thank You
    I now know that this is achievable 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  35. Mark Hassan

    16.may 2019 is my day 1 guys wish me luck… i'm hitting on 20 days

  36. Robert Sickler

    Congrats to you, man – you look amazing!

  37. D Millard

    They didn’t give any useful info in this video, just sounds like two booty boys chitchatting and having a GIRL TALK smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

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