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  1. Mila

    I love this. Thank you ❤ My pain in lower back is just gone. Thank you so much! 😍

  2. Lauren Baker

    I loved watching and doing this! It was really helpful to see you making sure Matt was lined up during each of the moves because then I could check myself too. And the pace of this practice seemed a bit slower than usual which I loved today <3 Thank you so much!!

  3. Rach L-B

    Awesome class for travelers!! Thank you! Hope to meet you too, Lesley!

  4. Vicky Best

    This was wonderful for relieving my lower back pain this morning! Thank you!

  5. Emily Curci

    you are beautiful, thank you for this

  6. sally Hudson

    Going to send the link to my daughter who is travelling in Europe so we can bond by doing the same routine xx

  7. Andrea Garas

    This was just what I needed! ❤

  8. babylone1205

    A nice class that works well for the morning! Thank you!

  9. Maddy Sinigaglia

    I loved this practice and I really appreciated the slow way it tooks working with another person. I enjoyed every secondo an I took time to listen myself better ! Much love Leslie outta Europe 🙂

  10. Kit M

    That's so cool, my daughter is in the bathroom listening to Phoenix! 😊

  11. Carrie Stone

    I have been practicing with you for two years or more, Lesley! I love your classes and am so thankful I can practice at home and look forward to the day I can donate. I have practiced before this for many years in studio on and off but really needed it and couldn’t afford it after my divorce. So thank you!!!!!

  12. Sofi K.

    I loved this!! A few of the poses I actually do daily to hopefully improve my hip/knee/IT band pain. I have been struggling with this for several years now and am running out of ideas. I have also been full of anxiety the past few days, so I am so happy I found this video. It really helped and I ended it feeling relaxed, still sore, but very relaxed. Thank you:)

  13. desiree bauscher

    Love your videos and practice for more than three years.
    Thank you!
    Could you do one video for traveler, with less space in their hotelroom?
    That would be great.
    Warm Regards

  14. Lou Bruno

    A good morning workout.

  15. Vicky Higginson

    Great practice Lesley, thanks! I have request for a class, although it might be quite niche! I would love a sequence for bicycle couriers (carrying backpacks). Your yoga for cyclist sequence is great but it would be awesome to have one that included the hip openings along with poses and movements to loosen the shoulders and especially the muscles across the mid-back / back ribs, as these are always tight! Thanks so much 🙂

  16. Zsuzsanna Benkó

    Ahh, did this last Saturday morning with the Husband, and he said it felt wonderful on his back! Thank you my sweet Lesley, lovely class as always!

  17. Annie Cheadle

    Fantastic! I loved it! Matt was great – very serene xxx

  18. Nadine Hickman

    So strange to see myself! But yes Hi! Loved the practice again Lesley, thank you xxx

  19. Jenny Sjöberg

    Lovely gentle practice for the evening 🙏💖✨ Love from @mindful_yogajenny 😘

  20. April Plaksin

    Loved this flow!! 💕

  21. Patricia Vasconcellos

    Leslie, thank you so much for this! I'm a backpacker and I always take your classes while on the road – this will be soooo helpful. Now, just a little request, if/when you get the chance: how about a class for travelers (or others) who spend a lot of time sitting on buses, tight vans and cars? I know you already have a yoga for office workers class, but driving or rocking up and down roads is so different – and so demanding on our bodies. Anyways, keep up the great work! Cheers!

  22. Swati Sreejith

    It was a great practice Lesley and Matt! Thank you 🙏

  23. Username

    This is also a great workout if you stay in the same chair all day

  24. Kanchana

    Wonderful practice and Matt did an awesome job. The backdrop is very beautiful. Thanks Lesley for another amazing class. Have a great day!!

  25. Jenna Kimball

    This would be a perfect practice to do around the campsite after a long day of backpacking. I plan on using this to soothe my achy muscles come the season!!

  26. Shannon Wilcox

    What a great yoga practice. Thank you <3

  27. Karen Tootelian

    This was lovely for my back, mind, and spirit. Grateful for you, Leslie.

  28. Debi Figenshau

    Thank you Matt, Lesley and Duke. You have great alignment Matt. (I bet all us Fightmaster yogis do as we have such a great teacher) 🙏

  29. françoise delhaye

    love it and must say that your voice is so soothing …..thanks so much for your daily help (Françoise/belgium)

  30. SuperShania81

    I wanted to share a random story with the other Fightmaster yogis, just in case anyone else has noticed this. My cat is enamoured with your voice Lesley! He’s 13 and can be a little grumpy when I practice late afternoons as he wants food. Anytime I have your voice on in my practice room he calms down and will sit beside me and wait until I finish. You must be an animal whisperer! I practice other videos with different teachers, and your voice is the only one where he behaves. Just wanted to let you know xxxx. I hope Emma and Elmer have the same reaction with you.

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