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  1. Keely Norton

    Great workout I’ll try to fit this in tomorrow just wish I was by the sea like you thank you see you soonx

  2. Julie longchamp

    This is supposed to be "low impact"/ "low intensity" but I'm deff feeling it

  3. Jade Ara

    LOVE THIS!!! The sound of the ocean waves in the background, the great workout- just the perfect pace! Was bursting with energy by the end!

  4. Joan Quinn

    Thank you YouTube for showing gym ra it a big blessings

  5. Ninda Kartikadewi

    Yesss! My bad knees are in love with this workout. More low impact workout please! Thank you

  6. Serene Deepak

    Loved this

  7. Martha Helena Otálvaro Benjumea

    Espectacular rutina de bajo impacto!!! Gracias….

  8. neshom badre

    my new favorite trainer

  9. GodsChild


  10. Ilaria Tofanelli

    you guys are the best a kiss

  11. mo shan

    nice workout thank you

  12. jose antonio salinas vega

    Yeaah very nice one, great low impact for my bad joints, i sweat and enjoyed a lot, thanks for sharing

  13. Rodianne Orland

    That was one hell of a workout!! Great workout done by an excellent trainer. Please post more like these.Thumbs up!!

  14. Muhammad Fayyaz

    Very nice easy n smooth

    exercises for legs

    hips even full

    body exersions !

    Thank You very much

    For sparing your precious n

    private time by Sharing it !

    Please also share

    Sitting n laying exercises

    Alongwith Standing ones !

    Solute to all GymRa

    Unique Team !

    Stay Healthy Happy n

    Prosperous throughout !

  15. Mita M

    Love these low impact high intensity no-jump workouts.

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