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  1. a a


  2. Shaista Wasim


  3. Erin Toale

    Omg this song again? How many times have they played this song, like every video!

  4. Raisya life official_-

    Indo like ya 👇😊

  5. noor Hesham

    انا نور من اليمن بسبب ظروف الحرب والمعيشه حبيت افتح قناة واسترزق منها واحسن وضعي بس مافي دعم للقناة مع اني بنزل اشياء رائعه بتمنى من مشتركين هذي القناةدعمي ووصولي 1000 مشترك

  6. noor Hesham

    I am Nour from Yemen because of the conditions of war and living I opened a channel on YouTube for the best of my situation and earn money, but I do not find support for my support with the support of everyone I wish you subscribers This channel support and reach 1000 participants I love you

  7. juicy captnbobojnr

    What happened to these all being for men? I'm not hating or anything, just want to know

  8. Isabella Jaehn

    Who’s a girl but is still watching this

  9. Marsya Ariska

    Itu lk2 apa prmn

  10. TheOnlyWolf Master

    The bruise on bgg theyveye is a black eye

  11. Nigel Fosseneuve1

    Hehe! All the girls are mine

  12. Asih Sti Sri setia


  13. Nurul Khuriah

    6:30 aku nyasar

  14. Simone Cole

    Who is here October 1st

  15. Sean Guthrie

    I think you guys need a new intro this one is getting old

  16. galaxy wolf


  17. Umesh Kumar Yadav

    How much hard work you do ?

  18. Queenie Omalin

    It say man but the girls poped


  19. st3fiE _

    0:56 go to a dentist!

  20. Kristel The Killer

    Dice 5 minutos pero dura 24 minutos

  21. dustin lee

    0:34 no I'm not doing that

  22. Bacon Dudes

    I tried the 2:09 one and I got rejected

  23. Marcela Hernandez

    4:59 que dientes

  24. ꧁TheGachaBurrito꧂

    Channel name: 5 minute crafts
    Crafts: say to wait 1 or 2 hours or they just take 48 hours

  25. Michael Playz

    Just brush your teeth

  26. Pretnd

    I don’t get why shed wanna make her lips bigger-
    It’s look uhh..

  27. Stufful Gaming!

    That a girl

  28. max andrade

    eles estavam com o sutiã ensima da blusa


    Are u reading this.
    Then u r a comment reader.HIT LIKE IF YOU.

  30. Samantha Agan

    This aint the old days anymore when do have hair dryers now

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