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  1. Sale Queen


  2. stephan

    3;08 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. toe Beans

    nice eye brow

  4. toe Beans


  5. ZARA tire shop Sharamet

    🔵💠🔘⚫,blue bagr tea,"she does not like her new highlights."

  6. Alika Zahra

    Bagus banget Vidio nya

  7. Mari Radi


  8. D. Soares


  9. Loreen Gregory

    Your need to cut the lashes to fit to your eye lol I think this is funny and cute

  10. superMalala

    hay qua

  11. Life with Jimmy

    If you have the silver fillings in your mouth don’t try the teeth whitener with the tin foil! When the foil comes in contact with the fillings it is very very painful. It almost gives off an electric current. That’s how painful it is. I’ve tried it and the foil came flying out of my mouth. And the pain to my tooth was so severe. I have since had all my fillings replaced with the white ones . But I’m still not sure about using tinfoil in my mouth.

  12. Robert Gonzalez

    4:44 TAG JAMESSS

  13. Sheree Laycock

    This is cool

  14. Sugerkat Burgess

    My pale ass had to suffer to get my freckles. Gtfoh with your fake-ass freckles. Try getting blisters so big you had to go to the Drs. I was born in 1971…before SPF8000.

  15. yrma Briezuels

    Hola soy pieru

  16. TheTaxburden

    Yes! Destroy your umbrella for a handy dandy makeup bag! Lol. Then ruin all your lip sticks!!

  17. StripeEclipse

    Did anyone notice the women's legs become men's legs for the shaving parts? 😂

  18. Someone Cool

    fun fact: wearing false lashes too much and damage your eyes🤷🏽‍♀️just saying

  19. Shereign Kalaukoa

    Want to see how I “hack” rocks? Visit http://www.facebook.com/reignscherishrocks

  20. Suzanne Dippel

    Ich muss das teilen!!! In nur 1 Мonаtеn habе iсh ganz 14kg verlorеn! Iсh empfehle all mеinеn Mädеls Еliхіеr Zdorоv, wеіl iсh еs nіcht mehr еrtrаgеn кann anzusеhеn, wie sіе sіch zu Tоdе hungеrn. Мehr Inforмаtіоnеn hier vesensys.ru/elixier?v=U37pCtiv2SA

  21. Eileen Gjermundson

    Mp m mop

  22. Lala SINATRA

    I'm cringing so hard at the burnt almond and eyebrows hack

  23. Lala SINATRA

    You took apart a umbrella to use as a bag when u can just buy a waterproof bag…..

  24. Craig Rogers

    Five minute crafts

  25. Talk to the Hand Reviews

    Adorable and great ideas! Thank you!



  27. Ana Julia Carvalho

    Bem racista essa do nariz

  28. Dasdores Rodrigues

    Adoro essas dicas

  29. Lukyho Proměny

    13:36 BULLSHIT 😁

  30. IdaIda

    This video has been reported for misleading thumbnail. I hate when youtubers does that!


    pump up your lips in this way is so dangerous! i'm serious more girls in States are gone in hospital! sure there are many video about it ,on youtube! TAKE A LOOK!!!!

  32. Change Color Eye


  33. Misty Cat

    Les chaussures à talons avec pilier pour gazon : vous êtes décidément trop forts !
    😂😂😂😂 je m'arrête au milieu de la vidéo c'est trop… (là par contre jsuis sérieuse !) J'ai du me perdre sur YouTube pour tomber sur cette vidéo. ..

  34. Misty Cat

    La vaseline : leur produit préféré !! Et multi usage en + mdrrr 😅😅😅😅

  35. Misty Cat

    C'est n'importe quoi !! Pensez aux jeunes qui peuvent regarder ça et imiter ! C'est du grand n'importe quoi la perceuse pour nettoyer l'embout du pinceaux !! Enfin enfin soyez sérieux ! Heureusement que le ridicule ne tue pas 😂😂😂😂😂

  36. Raeka Huntress

    … I thought the flower ring was cute, and then this woman put tape on her eyelids. Gtfoh.

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