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  1. Khalid Abdulrahman

    Some of the hacks are like 😐😐😐 no comment

  2. Arshi Arif

    5 min craft plz make a horror videoo plz

  3. Zeba Anwar

    This is Nina👩

    She is 0 year old
    1 like =1 year old

    Let's see how much old she gets!!

  4. MaishaaHastir 2008


    DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME : Video timeline:- 1:502:06



  5. Dr. Bushra Muneer

    Oo by adding the powder foundation to liquid foundation you gonna hide your pimple ooo mad 5 min crafts

  6. Ritu Tahlani

    Plz tell in how many videos you are going to repeat the hacks

  7. Kristina Marie

    Some of these hacks are horrible!!

  8. JL Davis

    These are horrible and some are just flat dangerous.

  9. HoweWeDo

    No like it

  10. Read_mua

    3:24 so contouring is a life hack

  11. Maham Fatima

    Please upload new videos you will uploading one video again and again

  12. maria Mendes

    Idiotas ta mos en 2020 não einecada 80 meus filhos voces sont memos uns idiotas a ensinar essas coisas para crianças

  13. Legend World 99

    They are having 64m subscribers and this begherness

  14. Legend World 99

    5minut crafts people are the world's biggest beggars

  15. Nandita Mahato

    from where we can buy glowing sticks

  16. ali shah

    Troom troom is best

  17. ali shah

    These hacks are useless

  18. Соня Мяууу

    0:11 она не красивая

  19. Marie Sleddens

    I love you

  20. Pratibha Manur

    Bla bla

  21. Ramona Lopez tejeda


  22. Faith Bweh

    1:48 dang it girl (theeth)

  23. Lillian Nowak

    For the “Easy Peel-Off Manicure” wouldn’t you think that the glue is bad for your fingers, nails, and cuticles?

    I tried the “nail polish dental floss” hack. It worked. So pretty!!!

  24. anna edisherashvili

    These nail hakes are really good but These video is
    These is amazing hakes
    Do YOU think like Me😋😋🥰🥰😍😍🤩🤩,??

  25. Oliwia Bronowska

    4:21 ewwww

  26. Ayush Chandekar


  27. Ayush Chandekar

    noob pagal insan

  28. hajra ishtiaq

    That pimple became small while applying powdered foundation

  29. hajra ishtiaq

    I freaked out after watching this 0:30

  30. Анастасия Поваренко

    Лайфхаки с черным матовым маникюром не работают

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