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    You look pretty

  2. sree's gaming


  3. Cutie Pie

    yeah thats right FaZeKrYpt1c1

  4. Golden Rose

    You have soooooooooooo much white things in your head first clean that then do this eewwww 1:24 not after it the 1:24

  5. Eva Plazar


  6. Preeti Shanker

    She have really big nail or fake?

  7. n i t o l o

    Just put vaseline on your face unless you don't like the way it looks but vaseline is way more easier.

  8. Nightmare Cactusツ

    I don't need makeups for my life

  9. DarBear56 G

    So atp let me stock up on some ALOE VERA BECAUSE THATS ALL SHE USES

  10. Royette Obiera

    I was 10 when i started watching 5 minutes crafts.

    Now im 40

  11. Hallie Happy

    It’s just cellulite not cellulitis. The latter is a severe infection.

  12. Pusheen Squad

    STOP HATING ON THESE GUYS. I’m a small youtuber and it’s really hard to come up with ideas so just leave them alone and if like 13 thousand were hating on u u wouldn’t like it so stop

  13. Life as Rhianna and yanira

    Oh and their not called foot fingers they are called toes

  14. Life as Rhianna and yanira

    No offence

  15. Life as Rhianna and yanira

    Those “dark eye circles” are so fake

  16. Red galaxy girl

    3:25 foot fingers? What the heck is foot fingers it’s not foot finger it is called toes!

  17. Red galaxy girl

    Who doesn’t care about beauty but still watches them to see how it turns out 😂? Nobody ok I guess I am the only one.

  18. Angellynn Collins

    1:26 are we just going to ignore the fact that there LICE!! In her hair lol

  19. •honey luv•

    I tried the first hack and it was disgusting I threw up I hated the taste

  20. Meena Gacha

    3:58 il passe vite au prochain parce qu'il savent très bien que ce tuto il pus la merde!😂😂😂😂

  21. Aliyah Wist

    I know everybody has already said this, but seriously foot fingers?😂😂

  22. 陈英

    …what why are toes in the vidio

  23. TheLaughingMoose

    2:30 i see reflection

  24. Gabriele K

    Whats wrong with yellow hair?

  25. Savannah Drawing

    They used a plastic straw..

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