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  1. Gray_justGray

    3:17 this facial makes your skin more gay

  2. RoyalBrenda

    I feel like everyone should keep one thing in mind. Facials are absolutely beneficial, but you have to think about the time and money that esthetician had to invest in to give these treatments. School is thousands of dollars, equipment isn't cheap, neither is rent and product prices pile up for every treatment. Facials are a commitment and an investment, and next time you complain about the price, think about how much money goes into every facial.

  3. Anthony Nguyen

    Honestly just find a good esthetician to help you get result oriented skin goals. Most of these won’t contribute to actual age preventative care. Microcurrent,chemical peel, micro-needling (vampire facial), laser, facial acupuncture, hydra facial.. are some of the clinical modalities offer in dermatology spa and skin clinic that have evidence to support them

  4. ArtyBoi

    Ima say blackhead removal and Korean body scrub are the only ones that work

  5. daisy torres

    35 facials to make you go broke

  6. Szilvia Lakatos

    Yes now can we have the price for these?? How many hundreds or thousands do we have to pay?

  7. Humaira Shaikh

    Wastee of money

  8. yogurl011

    They should try these beauty treatments on people with real (more serious) issues and over a period of time. I’m sure a lot of these beauty “treatments” are just aesthetically pleasing and overly expensive. Is this really created to help the average person?

  9. Jimin Lost jams

    I’ll past.

  10. Danielle Adolfsen


  11. Aishani Chakraborty

    Idk why but none of this seems actually beneficial.

  12. A B

    Should just retitle this video "35 treatments you'll never get because you're too broke"

  13. Trisha Fontejon


  14. WeeGel88 Gaming

    Second comment

  15. Samia stgtmip B


  16. Eggy Love333

    Them: Chocolate massage.
    Me, a chocoholic: I’lL tAkE yOuR eNtIrE sToCk!

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