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  1. Diana Maria

    adorei o q a viki♡♡♡♡♡

  2. prakash gurav

    It's a fake ideas l will try at home it doesn't work 😏😏

  3. Мария Пудовкина

    Там только одна красивая

  4. Мария Пудовкина

    Блин уберите ее

  5. Мария Пудовкина

    Господи люди?
    Вы сума сошли что-ли
    Вы куда эту бабушку поставили
    Ей только косметику проверять
    Вы невидете что у нее на лице все висит
    Безобразие 😱😲

  6. Manju Dahiya

    Love from india

  7. Shajidur Rahman


  8. Priyanka Naidu

    Nice hack

  9. stephane siqueira

    2:36 até parece!😂

  10. Imaan Abdul Sattar

    5 minutes crafts: need a contour brush?

    Me: what you are trying to say is a freaking HIGHLIGTHER BRUSH

  11. حبيبه ابوها

    you sweet wethout Mikb

  12. Carleen Stringer

    Is this a joke

  13. mario alberto medina

    The better is Vicky

  14. Sophie GumiFlumi

    0:20 her front teeth are White and her Back teeth are yellow wow

  15. Ana catarina Leigo


  16. Catherine Eichelbaum

    The first hack is a lie I mean if you want a free eyebrow wax then go ahead but don't do this!

    1:50 you kinda look angry xD

    6:59 okay that diy mascara looks clumpy on your eyelashes jeez.

  17. ruslan murselov

    Hello 🙌
    Video very good 👍👍👍
    Videos thanks

  18. Eliana Craft


  19. Juju gaimes


  20. Juju gaimes

    Wat lips?

  21. Pooja Rani

    Sorry these r Useless

  22. Trupti Shedage

    plz.. take other girls

  23. كوزينة يمينة Couisine de Yamina

    Vaseline is oil

  24. Lutcheemee Chinien

    You are ugly

  25. Trường Pro hhh


  26. Trường Pro hhh

    Đep lAm

  27. Crafty Prapty


  28. Sobia Kamran

    Hi you have to good ideas thanks

  29. Javed Khan

    The last hack …
    If u will drink or eat something it will spread over our nose to chin and on the food and the glass drink

  30. Naouaph DE BEER

    Love you🥰

  31. Noucha Nour

    I like vici

  32. Nazlı Dik

    5 30

  33. brijesh kumar


  34. Shivbhuwan Singh

    Who noticed her yellow teeth

  35. Nika Laniova


  36. Maria Garcia

    No entendi en segundo like si tu tampoco lo entendiste 👍

  37. eleiily delossantosmospuea

    Hola emma

  38. eleiily delossantosmospuea


  39. Barbara Migineishvili

    Ugly 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😐😎😎😎😎 hahhahahah


    08:21 so sweet of u sis…I love u r 5 min.. Cartfat

  41. Alvaro Barreto

    0:19 se ve que los dientes de enfrente están más limpios de los otros de atrás

  42. יולי מימון

    Shame on you

  43. Samantha Roberts

    What is 9:48 even for?!

  44. Loki and Rouge Love you

    I see most of these on other videos from them…

    Hint:be more creative

  45. What's app videos Art & Craft

    Newspaper craft 👉https://youtu.be/l5k6_WqK91A

  46. Файка Блэки


  47. Muskaan Baluck

    Her teeths are white in front and yellow side ways😂

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