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  1. Harsha vardhan reddy Kapa

    Boys aloso

  2. Charu mathi

    Beauty hacks must be done by beautiful girls not like this girls

  3. Rhythm Mobiles

    Who are malayali

  4. Moataz Alaa

    What is the curd and how can I get it?

  5. Potato Master

    who doesnt like freckles?

  6. sharp news official


  7. Squirrel Girl

    1:34 one minute they are showing us how to make freckles and now they don't want them

  8. KeKe D

    It's obvious they put makeup on for most of the after looks

  9. • Nibblet Playz •

    Why doesn't she want freckles? Also you can change skin really.

  10. Anushri x

    Hack 4:00 only works because the tumeric stains your skin. Tried this before and my skin stained yellow for a good 2 days

  11. Rayane Lima

    Muito legal essas ideias TOP

  12. #tagASMR

    I never try these hacks…

  13. Jawad Hyder

    I watch your all videos

  14. Rakesh Mukati

    0:50so prety eyes

  15. Nih ad

    2:56 realy?!

  16. Latha Vetrivel

    Plz tell a remedy for milia

  17. ayman shaikh

    woww very nice usefull hacks

  18. Katelyn Wills

    What’s wrong with freckles

  19. fernando taleb

    Fancy you

  20. حلويات نجاة


  21. Sk Wl

    5 minute crafts GIRLY:
    -Awww cuteee or I really want to have freckles🤦‍♀️😂

  22. Andrew Hopkins

    I think this is petty and that girl is ugly

    I know you think the same, you were just scared to say it

  23. Andrew Hopkins

    It’s actually fine to squeeze your pimples. It’s just a myth because I squeeze my pimples and they are fine. They don’t get bigger

  24. Dhiyana

    I unsubscribed! Bcz of repeating video

  25. Silky-Kids


  26. Smey No Bek

    good job

  27. shafa yasmin

    it'll be very helpful

  28. افكار مبدعة creative ideas

    I publishied in my. channel wonderful school ideas..

  29. รัก คน ติด ตาม


  30. Megzzz Rse

    What's wrong with freckles? They are beautiful

  31. Kiran Pant

    Bad habit is repeat video

  32. Mariam Hamza

    Wow ilove you too miunet

  33. vandana Chauhan


  34. Ankita Hota

    U r amazing

  35. Carlo Cabasag

    Notice me on next video

  36. Sofia Shum


  37. Karolien Loosman

    If this is blue you love 5 minute crafts

  38. Sean van Wyk

    This was very helpful ❤️ love ur channel

  39. Swimmer 123

    Early squad

  40. princess pihu

    …..Who have a habbit of watching videos while reading the comments……legends only do that

  41. Ellise Zhang

    Wow only 50 like what the heck???!!!???!!!

  42. Kiran Beriwal

    Nice video love from India

  43. update day new

    Pleass subscribe mii pleass

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