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  1. Azamat Matrasulov

    omy god🤣🤣🤣

  2. sanvya sofia canchimbo vega

    No me gustaron casi Los trucos además los trucos que son para el pelo solo son para las que tienen el pelo liso no las que tienen el pelo rizado

  3. Aniss Aprilia

    Ngakak Njirr🤣

  4. Bridget Ringle

    5 minuste crafts: Foot fingers 😂 Everybody else:You mean TOES😂

  5. Kimberly Melendez

    1.Why does she have makeup on in the shower?
    2. Why does she have makeup in the shower KNOWING it might get wet?
    3. Why dis she wash her makeup off before showering

  6. god slayer

    This channel is so fake

  7. Vshwn Vahdv

    8:32 did anyone else notice that it never finished?

  8. disney fan girl

    14:51=ya just bend a Bobby pin

  9. Vshwn Vahdv

    5:06 FOOT FINGERS! IM DYING 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Rashmi Subedi

    Foot fingers… okay then

  11. Ggff Fggff

    Tienes audífonos

  12. Gucci Girl_ Moto Moto

    Who else thought 5:12 ment that we had to GLOO our toes to the shoe

  13. gemma greenaway

    FOOT FINGERS !!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Soda niszczy szkliwo

  15. UnicornUnicorn

    Please do somthing about this annoying music i cant stand it i cant watch any of your videos without getting a headache from the music!

  16. Associação Pais e Amor


  17. Aziella Bella

    Do you know what "shower" is? Lol
    The thing is shower is for cleaning your parts including face, you could erase the makeup first tho, then after shower put a makeup

  18. Bohara Prem


  19. Vickie Smith

    Cool I love disease life hacks I don't know why

  20. John G. Jack

    The promise of beauty is as close as the drugstore aisle―shampoo that gives your hair more body, lotions that smooth away wrinkles, makeup that makes your skin look flawless, and potions that take it all off again. But while conventional products say they'll make you more beautiful, they contain toxins and preservatives that are both bad for the environment and bad for your body―including synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, and even formaldehyde. In the end, they damage your natural vitality and good looks.

  21. varvara dani 15

    Id love to see u take those righnstones of ur hair

  22. Samantha Wow

    Lol you can see the reflection

  23. Caleb Larsen

    5:05, why do they call them "foot fingers" there called toes

  24. Patty Chavez

    my bangs didnt get that messy

  25. 꾸미라디오


  26. ihsan Firdaws

    سلام عليكم كاغ٧جمنممخفي


    13:05 bitlende gör salak

  28. Keith Goldschmidt


  29. Nexhmi Mavriqi

    You look (perfect)

  30. Ayelen Ae

    hello i'm from México

  31. Salma Zahran


  32. Tham Hoang

    Việt Nam ơi

  33. sabar iman

    Halo nama saya wisista🦄

  34. Xxmichie Xx

    Is that Vicky from 123 Go?!?!
    1:41 but I like 123 Go better because it more funny and there's someone talking

  35. Huso Smajlovic

    who is beter

    like-5-minute crafts

    comment-troom troom

    both-123 go!

  36. 星夢女

    日本人の人( ˙꒳​˙ )👍✨

  37. Suga BTS

    Oh god

  38. Vrinda Singh

    Check this out https://youtu.be/QqDZvW_uo1g

  39. BlueFox

    Why do you even wear makeup in the shower in the first place?

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