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  1. Ananthy Joseph

    At 23.35 she says dowism.,what does it mean. Someone pl let me know

  2. Bonnie Williams

    Very informative! Thank you!

  3. Bonnie Williams

    Beautiful music

  4. The Way

    Thank you so much for this information. I thought Chinese medicine was superior to the pseudoscience of Western medicine, who only use petro-chemicals from Big Pharma (sorcery). I was taking Chantix for smoking cessation. I didn’t want to, but I had allergic reactions to everything else I had tried prior. Well, I had to stop the Chantix after 14 days because of horrible stomach pain. The reactions I had after stopping this horrible drug were horrendous – much like drug withdrawal. I had horrible anxiety and shaking. I started taking Benadryl because I didn’t want to take an anti-anxiety drug – but it didn’t work well enough. I was due to leave for Italy in a couple of weeks & didn’t know what I was going to do to alleviate my symptoms. I finally called a doctor that practiced acupuncture (Indian MD). I had horrible muscle spams from the procedure, but it helped my anxiety. I had 3 sessions and was 80% better. Since I was due to leave for Italy in 5 days, I went to my regular physician and got a script for Xanax. I only took 1/4 pill each time and it helped. I took one entire pill on my flight to Italy and never needed another one. The anxiety symptoms just ceased – thank God. I was really impressed with the acupuncture, but after hearing this, I will never do that again. Thanks again so much for this information. I had no idea that this practice was associated with astrology and spirits.

  5. Nikola Zvezdov

    Thank you for making this episode. It is very important to know first what are the roots, foundations of any medicine/therapies before you choose to use it for curing your body.
    I have to agree with one of the commentators saying there should be another episode on the dangers of herbs and cupping which are included in TCM.
    In fact I did some research on Internet about cupping and found out that this therapy doesn't originate in China but has been used in ancient Egypt, Romans, by Islams, Jews and throughout the world way before t TCM has appeared on the scene. If TCM has adopted medicines and therapies that are safe to use that should be known and talked about it. I agree that if a practitioner is communicating with the dark powers that will make harm on your spiritual relationship with God no matter what therapy is applied to you. At the same time we can't reject completely all therapies used by TCM without exploring their history and foundations.

  6. BoBa Tf0

    This topic is uncover Devil modus through out the alternative one of chinese health treatment and it from one of the popular which is acupuncture. Thank You for uncover this. However, the title is "dangers of acupuncture AND-" traditional chinese med". There was missing info of the topic of "chinese med". So please if there is opportunity for another future interview. Feature again with Yvonne Lewis talk about the part that why traditional chinese medication is danger or wrong?

  7. funny sisters challenge or show Mclawrence

    Hello my friends at 3abn

  8. Blueskygal

    Thank you so much for this episode. I have started Life Affirmations by Shelley Quinn and one of the things I am praying for is Health. I have used accupressure, yoga, accupuncture to help with my recovery from chemo and they work. But I had some uneasy feelings about them. In fact, the author of one of the tapes I use looks demon possessed, no joke. I believe this is an answer to my prayer for healing that God wants me to put this stuff down and away and let Him heal me. To trust in Him instead. I also have been off coffee for 1 week by the grace of God. Thank you Lord for showing me this and leading me to healing.

  9. Kyienn

    Grateful for the information. Thank you all.

  10. Noel Emmanuel Jack

    Good day, happy Sabbath, very important information and so true. Something to consider, this is the Three Angels Broadcasting Network, 3ABN, what does that mean – the 3 angels and yet we change our LOGO to 3 FIRES, what does THAT MEAN? What is fire associated with? Same TCM, Taoism, Gnosticism, Persian Dualism, Zoroastrianism, Pantheism, Spiritualism, Nature Worship, Wiccaniam, Divination and the New Age Philosophy. Which one is truly a better representation of what we really believe as SDA. Do the research as the dear doctor has done and you will see that at the heart of our theology we have deep spiritualism and the pantheistic serpentine philosophy pervading our now compromised teaching. Starting with the rejection of the 1888 messages of Righteousness by Faith, down to the present time, we are moving away from the pins and pillars of our faith. The forensic teaching of justification by faith, and so many other doctrines have been compromised, and we are quickly heading back to Rome. God help us all!

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