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  1. aziz ahmad

    I have a knees pain problem so what kind off exercise I can do for weight loss?

  2. Md Mizanur Rahman


    Most weight loss pills target only one element of your weight loss. To get the body you deserve you need a solution that works from all angles. You need PhenQ.





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  3. Aditi Sharma

    Excellent di I will try this ☺️👍

  4. Mr. Ravi

    और चौबे मैडम😎😎😎😎

  5. Christina kharkongor

    Reply me pls

  6. Christina kharkongor

    Mm mera arms bht fat hain pls batao kaise kam karna hain aur kaise fat kam hoga

  7. Pooja Sharma

    Mem ap Bolte nhi ho wait loss ke liye Rojana kitne jumping jacks lagane hi helpme

  8. Priyanka Lohat

    U look very nice mam gym picks nice

  9. Priya Ramtekkar

    I did the exercise twice as u told in your video… But by doing this workout how much calories do we burn.
    For me exercise 2 was quiet difficult but I enjoyed a lot
    Much love from NAGPUR❤️❤️❤️

  10. rana zuryz

    Teens k liy diet bhe btay

  11. sonali bhardwaj

    Di plzz tell me fat loss k liye diet me boiled egg kha sakte h naa with yellow part main bahot baar puchh chuki but mera confusion durr nhi karte aap plzz reply

  12. Ankit Singh Baghel surwar

    U r best fitness trainer mukti,

  13. Suryansh Saraf

    And I m doing exercise for a very long time as I used to go gym since my college time but now I stay all alone n can’t go out so pls suggest me home exercise

  14. Suryansh Saraf

    Hi Mukti I am 36 yr old and mother of two kids my weight is 65 and I m 5.2 I want to reduce 6 kg so ka help me with diet and exercise

  15. Bashir Khan

    I'm 23 mam or ma stair charhti hun roz 200 or mujh sy baki exercise nai hoti or diet ma bs 1 chapati khati hun subha ik rat basss or pani wrm Peti hun roz 4 glass kia yh thk ha plz guide me yh start kiye hoye just ik week howa ha

  16. Ace Hardy


  17. Sachin Chitte

    Madam mai apka followers hun ek video jeggery (gud गुळ) ki chay ka banao uske benefits or side effects ke bare me hame batao

  18. Townie World

    Mam exercise after c section to reduce weight as well as for glat tummy..mam after c section there's a back pain n we shouldn't do certain exercise, cud pl throw light on tht?

  19. Qaisar Shehzad

    Mem mera waght stuck ho gea ha koi tip den pls

  20. Krutika Patel

    Can you please make a video for exercises at home but without jumping?

  21. viveksoumya soumya

    Sss we want more videos

  22. hareram sharma

    Thku for this video

  23. Keshav Raghav

    My friends also are too lazy

  24. Syeda Minahil

    Plz di teenager diet

  25. Sultan Colle

    Can u make English subs?

  26. Astha Srivastava

    Mam i am following yr all tips but i anable to loose my weight.my current weight is 59 kg.i lost 3 kg with yr diet within to 15days but now my weight is stuck.one week ago it was 59 and today it is 59 ..plz help me my weddind is in January so i want to loose weight but now i am so panic what should i now.i am not doing any exercise or walk.is it important any workout?plz plz plz help

  27. Alina Naz

    Ye kutty jesy mu q banati ho

  28. kajal sharma

    mukti mam pls pls btaye ki kya winter me weigtloss ke liye dinner me soup pee sakte h kya pls mam reply 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

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