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  1. Tracey Mixon

    I can't thank you enough for this video!!!! That happened to me!! Back ache went away when I increased my lemon juice intake!!

  2. Dunja Vuckovic

    Thank you so much from Serbia. Every problem I have you solve.

  3. YB E

    So people with SIBO are at risk? Can't eat veggies at all right now.

  4. kay T

    yes I'm drinking my water everyday with my electrolytes, thanks for the info on the almonds because I love eating them and I don't eat spinach, yuck! 😝 I had a salad for dinner with a cup of strawberries and my water..thank you Dr. Berg..your the best

  5. tamara alievskaya

    Thanks Dr Berg from London

  6. Katherine

    At least when it's kidney stones the problem can be solved easily. There are powerful herbs that can literally pulverize the stones, making a lot easier to pass them. I've explained how to use them, chanca piedra in particular, in one of my videos. A lot of people are using it and reporting great results.

  7. Happy Michie Worriah

    Whywhy gosh but fresh ok?..joint leg pains

  8. Happy Michie Worriah

    Almond powder no good as has oxclates??? Fo joints..omg

  9. Happy Michie Worriah

    Kid dere don hittt

  10. Sue Massey

    Want heal kidneys? Eat fruit, berries, veggies and more fruit, berries and veggies. Add in herbals and homeopathics and you're on your way. Don't follow keto or any other fad diet. It's just that simple.

  11. Sue Massey

    People with kidney disease, who want to HEAL THEIR KIDNEYS, SHOULD NOT BE ON KETO. Period.

  12. Mel Sal

    TY!! Took notes👍

  13. Crystal Mitchell

    great video. I know this to be true because this happened to one of my best friends. almonds in chocolate is too much for the kidney in alarge amounts all of the time. I drink lemon water daily as well as regular water. thank you for the heads up Dr.Berg!!!

  14. Rebecca Rintala

    For the first time I’m very displeased with a video. Any Dr. knows if you get kidney stones, change your diet, do not continue on Keto or any diet that causes your kidneys to be unhappy! Plus drinking does not prevent them , it helps but there’s nothing that is for sure known to stop them!! Get one and I promise you’ll never Keto again!! Nothing is worth a kidney stone…NOTHING

  15. dlg parisi

    What if you are trying to increase stomach acid for better absorption of nutrition? Does this increase a acid in kidneys?

  16. Fatima Khan

    Is there any correlation between diabetes and lymphedema?

  17. Garrett1979FIN

    Thank you many time your solve many my, my friend and familiar people pains and explain many things also them and me.

  18. rstezza

    Please reply.

  19. soupper soulger

    There used to be a beneficial bacteria in the gut of North Americans called Oxalbacter Fermigenes that ate up nothing but oxalates. Due to the over use of antibiotics, this bacteria has all but been wipe out. Now in order to prevent oxalate kidney stones from forming, one has to resort to taking B6 (P5P best) and lemon juice daily.

  20. Joy Bennett

    Thank you!

  21. Fathi Maawali

    Changa peidra helps 👌🏼

  22. UrbanExplorer1000

    need a video on WEIGHT GAIN w/ DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS sir

  23. Big Vic


  24. Lyle

    "TOO ACID"

  25. Andrew Totman

    Is Keto ok for young athletes or will it ruin power/speed? I know people feel weaker on Keto. Anyone know?

  26. Raw Santos

    How do you know I had low back pain when fasting and doing again ketosis

  27. nnr2d m

    I guess (touch wood) a main reason I've never had kidney stones is because of my water consumption – I drink at least a litre a day raised to 3 litres during heat waves

  28. Fadi Salem

    You're a good man dr berg

  29. Adriana Gallegos

    Dr Hot ur amazing we love your videos ur my doctor.

  30. wms72

    I wish he would use English units instead of metric. He's an American, after all.

  31. hilal deniz

    Hi Dr Berg, I cannot thank you enough for your videos, they are really helpful. I watch you every day and always learn something new. I have a question for you. Yesterday, I talked to my sister and she said that she has calcification in her buttocks. Doctor had given her some painkillers and said she needs surgery. I asked her that if he recommended any protocols that reverse or stop the calcification and she said no. I have been watching your videos and learned that k2 tells calcium to go to bones. Then I thought that if she take k2 and d3 together, maybe it can stop the calcification or at least relieve her pain. Do you think taking d3 and k2 can be good for her? Thank you.

  32. 5tw3b45tcf

    Your data in the video description is great and shows you're credible. I hope you include that more often lol

  33. Mohsin Ansari

    Or better titled side effects of Ketogenic diet. No doubt it’s effective in weight loss and many health conditions but it doesn’t apply to everyone. I wonder how the medical community changes its recommendations every few decades: from eating 40-50% carbs to 5% carbs. Vitamin K2 is non existent even in recent medical books, but now it’s one of the most important vitamin. I guess they’re are done making billions of other vitamins. Aspirin has been prescribed for decades for prevention of MI and CVA and now a large multi nation study proves that it’s of no use in preventive health, in fact its side effects are worse than benefits. Take every advice with a pinch of salt!

  34. Intuitive Gen Xer

    Taking good old synthetic vitamin C AKA Ascorbic acid caused problems for my kidneys.

  35. earth angel

    Hi doctor,I have a very important question…my mom has DVT and on blood thinners…can she go on. The keto diet??

  36. Arabic Tajweed TV

    Can low testosterone cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

  37. scretching08

    Excellent, Dr. Berg, I reduced my almond and chocolate intake and drank more water, and I feel much better.

  38. jillysaur


  39. Sylvain Riendeau

    Thank you.

  40. Tim Barnsley

    What do you think to Britain's so called experts say vitimin d and calcium can increase stokes, I presume they mean people who arnt on keto?

  41. The Sparkster

    Several folks have mentioned to back off on cheese, as they developed active kidney stones from it.

  42. PhaseSkater

    Would magnesium citrate also help or is it just in the name? Lol

  43. Miganarchine

    Yikes been doing one meal a day (vegan) substitute almond powder for cous cous (stir fry veg), but been getting pains in chest, thought it was the beer!, eating a lot of spinach as well.

  44. SKPjoe Coursegold

    chocolate covered almonds…………..yum.

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