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  1. Fusion Cooking

    Eggs with right balance of veggies for weight Loss. Made 4 ways. Give a ThumbsUp and Subscribe to our channel!

  2. Matrix Chandler

    What was that liquid they put in as the very first thing

  3. Kalimatha dasari

    Wow 😮 super awesome recipes you showed👌👌😋

  4. Bharti garg

    so much oil

  5. JP Kitchen

    Awesome recipe.. Subs No.-#590. Like-7 .Plz. subs back to my channel. Needed encouragement. Thanks for support. Stay connected 🙂

  6. Yummy Paradise

    Another new recipe.Nice

  7. Trending Beauty Tips

    578 I support u support me😃😂

  8. Lexus Marie

    Great video keep it up

  9. Chandra's Kitchen

    Looks so good

  10. Rangoli Rasoi Random Videos

    Very nice use of vegetables with egg

  11. Riva's creativity

    Nice recipe

  12. Abhinav's Kitchen & Creative Corner

    Wao so nice looking. You have made it so healthy by adding vegetables in it.

  13. Shabs Kitchen

    Nice Recipe

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