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  1. Heather Gilman

    Can you fast and not be on keto? Not interested in keto.

  2. Fred Canfly

    There is a lot here that uses nuts. Is there any way we can get some replacement foods for the nuts? My wife and son both have nut allergies. I would absolutely LOVE that as Thomas is one of the few people talking about Keto who seems to know what he's talking about. Thanks in advance.

  3. Luz Gidalti

    Txs, I'm having problem with feeling hungry, I decided to start w a 12:12 window bcs I'm use to eat at any moment during the day

  4. HockeyDad5 AHU

    Minimum success so far. 49yrs old, 6ft 7in and starting weight was 260. Down to 255, and really thought I’d have lost more weight by now based on following diet, reduced calories, and doing the intermittent fasting. Frustrated

  5. Lisa Garrett

    I did my first 36 hour fast after coming back from a few days in Nashville. (a little too much alcohol but still stayed on track with my eating plan) and the Pique matcha tea really helped. I was so excited to go to bed and wake up the next morning to start eating again!!!! lol But it really was not as hard as I thought. And I felt great!!!

  6. Lisa Garrett

    Success!!!!! I am finally losing some fat!!!!!!!!!! I love eating clean keto!! So simple to follow and meal plan!! I have to hide my butcher box meat though!!! lol All the meat/fish/and chicken I ordered is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

  7. Pamela Pressley

    If I've had a total hysterectomy. Will I be able to loss weight by adopting the keto lifestyle?

  8. Harksta

    Can 60+, hypothyroid, pescartarian no dairy do Keto successfully over time?

  9. Marx P

    ? When I started Keto 6 months ago my keto levels were always between 1 and 2.5 ml. (Mojo)Now I can’t get them over 1ml . My carbs are under 20 most days under 10 . I also intermittent fast . Average levels are around .7 – .8 ml .

  10. ladywithone


  11. Good Morning Joy

    success and I am half assing it!!!! I am learning so much.

  12. Lynda O

    I am traveling and staying with relatives for a few days. Meals will be difficult there (cereal or toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch – Dinners are workable) and I don't want to inconvenience them. I usually take protein bars and live off of those for breakfast and lunch. Any suggestions on what I can take with me? Even if I have to make something, that will work. Just don't want to starve while I am there for 5 days :). Thank you

  13. Caroline Isabel


  14. Anthony Perez

    Help. Day 3. Went hard- started with 36 hr fast. I intermittently fasted today for 16hr. End of day 3 and the Keto Rash hit HARD. It’s so crazy how in my research initially I found nothing about this. Please help

  15. Who Is John Gault?

    The people in my life that tell me I shouldn’t be doing KETO, saying it’s not safe and healthy are the same ones that are overweight, on meds, and follow the SAD. The fact that they SEE that I’m healthy and they HEAR that I’m not medicated and KNOW that I’m rarely sick doesn’t seem to convince them that they could be wrong. SMH

  16. Who Is John Gault?


  17. Edna Hargraves

    Hey Thomas, Can you comment on the "no carb" breads?

  18. Connie Ruggiero


  19. Philippe Rommens

    Philippe From Belgium, I miss the live watch
    I am almost 60 year young, and follow the challenge from the beginning.
    I also promote all your YouTube videos here in the gym.
    because I am already very used to intermed fasting,
    I fast 22 hours and eat 2 hours. on Keto basis. feel great now in the third week. so thanks for all your good tips and videos

  20. Trent N

    Is it okay to eat eggs and rice after a fasted workout

  21. T.I.V

    Success and Love the community here and on Facebook! Thank you for being a #GREAT example! SS Tampa ~

  22. Cody Nita C.

    I am so happy. SUCCESS! I probably have lost more than 7 pounds so far my husband thinks more like 10. I love that you did this!!!

  23. Clint Fontenot

    Can you do a review of the new Goli berry apple cider vinegar gummies?

  24. Dana Woodall

    Butcher Box meats are awesome. Just received 2nd box.

  25. minuet1106

    My hubby has been able to IF, but I haven't been able to handle it, I get shaky (I'm nursing)

  26. Annette Fowler

    it is a shame, because i woulld ike to see all your videos

  27. Annette Fowler

    Thank you, Thomas.

  28. Kimberly eats Keto

    I eat breakfast & lunch and fast from 2PM

  29. Kimberly eats Keto

    18:6 with a 36hr fast on the weekend

  30. Kimberly eats Keto


  31. Alyssa Stevens

    My problem is with exercising after IF then eating is I have to wake up at 4am to be at work at 6am, get off work at 4:30, dont get home til 6pm.

    I can skip dinner but working out on the morning, at like 3:30? Like that means I have no life in between making sure I get sleep and after cooking.

  32. Mandheer Kumar


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