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  1. Megan Margot

    GUYS BE AWARE: there are a ton of bot accounts spamming keto pills on my videos. i keep deleting them but they keep spamming and it's honestly annoying af. like i mentioned in the video, the weight loss industry is crazy rich because they try to make you believe that using a pill is magically going to make you lose weight and keep it off, WHICH IT WON'T, so please don't buy into it!!

  2. Midori Duckies

    This may be a bit weird..
    When I was 130 I look pretty cubby
    But now I’m 145 (which is a bit bad..)
    But when I’m 145 It looks like my stomach is a bit flat but still cubby
    Ya know what I mean, it’s hard to explain
    Anyone experienced the same thing?

  3. Leahscrazicorns

    Can u find the beautiful face
    Did u find it of course u didn't because ur the pretty face

  4. Layton Skies

    I love ur accent🤩

  5. Laura O' Gorman

    Best weight loss video I have seen!!!! And I have seen a lot!!!

  6. lola lola

    Omg !!!U look just like a french youtuber called enjoyphonix

  7. Ibukun Ilesanmi

    Okay can I just say I think you're super beautiful

  8. Sara Abdul Ghani

    U are a very wise person I love the way u think and btw ur pretty !!

  9. xgirsrevengex

    I am on this journey and everything she said is so true! One day your mindset will change and you will realize it's just about being healthier. Believe me it gets better and easier. Lost 10 pounds and counting! <3

  10. WhateverBrooke

    I want to exersice and i want to eat super healthy and im also vegan but my mom and everyone in my house eats junk food or they try to be healthy but its not and im also italian sooooo its worse, when i have my own money and a house im going to eat clean because im looked down at from other family and friends because i want to be healthy crazy.

  11. Briana Franklin

    Thank you for this. I have convinced myself that I gained “grown woman weight” and I HATE it so I’m going to get out of this mindset!!

  12. Dear Diary

    i mean i did a diet for 2 weeks then i kept not eating any very very unhealthy food but all i did was eat healthy good proportion of everything and exercise and it helps

  13. Noah Herro

    My name is Noah Herron and I am 10 years old,my weight is 134 pounds…I have been trying to look like my sisters because they are so skinny and pretty.But when I saw this video I realized some stuff that I didn't before.I just want to say thank you and I will try very hard to get my body in shape although my family is kinda poor so I don't think they have the money for weights and I doubt that I will have new clothes and school supplies,I go back to school in 3 weeks and I am struggling with weight loss and I have always wanted to be homeschooled because I get bullied every day for my weight. So I want you to spread the word."Our bodies dosen't affect our personality"

  14. 1,000 subscribers with one video challenge

    I'm trying but it's so hard, and I have no motivation, my family doesn't understand…. I just don't know if I can do it anymore 😥😭😢

  15. Dalia Rivera

    Love this video! So motivating fr fr❤️💕

  16. Giselle

    You're so attractive, like wow.

  17. BeezWax

    I'm 5'3 and 194 and work out alot and eat 1 meal a day ;-;, I'm still working towards my goal

  18. Kiriali

    Well there are literally some people with high motabolism. My sister lives with me every day. We eat the same things. She's a toothpick and I'm a big girl. She's also taller than me. Some people are lucky.

  19. Shelley Holtmann-Schnur

    There is such thing as naturally skinny and there are people out there with fast metabolisms – it's proven to be genetic and my husband and his dad are two of those people. However, I 100% agree with you on not comparing yourself to others because weight might be on person's struggle but not another's – they might struggle with something else you can't see. Thanks for posting this video!

  20. xtina

    in high school this girl was quite thin but would constantly eat junk food all the time and would say she's naturally skinny and can't gain weight. fast forward now 8 years and she's gained what looks like 30-40 pounds so like. damn.

  21. Yur Jhr

    Obese is unhealthy and leads to disease, chronic joint pain, and early death. Do worry about losing weight. You can think you're beautiful at any size, but that doesnt mean you have to stay that way. Losing weight doesnt mean you think you were ugly bigger. Its means you love yourself enough to care about your long term health.

  22. Yur Jhr

    Kinda tired of people bitching about how expensive veggies are when they're dirt cheap if in season. Some of them clearly are kids who dont buy food. Plus if youre so broke $1 peppers are to expensive then eat a $0.50 can of beans. What else is cheaper? 4 servings in 1 can. So $0.13 per serving.

  23. Its Just Keisha

    How long did it take you

  24. Penz


  25. Argelia Tinajero

    You are gorgeous.

  26. jen jen

    Im currently unhappy about my body at the moment so this really helped thank you

  27. rose 2004

    some people are just naturally small set or small boned

  28. Soft Whispers ASMR

    you are lovely

  29. sweet hunnibee

    For some reason her voice is so soothing

  30. Unanannana

    Hey you are so beautiful 😍😍😍 I cant moves my eyes from you

  31. Erica lynn

    Thank you so much for this!!!!

  32. Casey Hillenburg

    Your gorgeous ❤️😍

  33. Gizmo montoya

    Her eyes are so pretty!!! 🙂

  34. Puppyloveforever


  35. Sophia P

    woow you're soo beautiful and lots of valuable advice. Thank you

  36. Fujoshi Chan

    Ok that hurt when she said teenagers are skinny coz ima 16 year old girl but……I weight more than my mother and skinny dad lol (I'm being honest)

  37. Winga Woo

    U r so pretty ♥️♥️♥️

  38. jakelxxx

    There is definitely naturally skinny people my brother in law who lives with me eats like a bottomless pit and he is under wieght.

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