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  1. Lots Of Love

    ‪ You look incredible momma glowing as always. You are a beautiful pregnant goddess and you have the cutest bump. Do you have any stretch marks and are you using anything for them? Did you do maternity photos or a belly cast? Do you have any embarrassing symptoms like lots of gas farting burping etc or just embarrassing symptoms in general? Have you ever ever had anyone ask to rub or touch the bump to feel baby move or kick? How do you feel about belly touches? How many kids do you want? How has hubby been bonding with baby any tips? Have you had any trouble bending over to pick things up or shave your legs or other areas below the bump any tips? I know this might be something you want to keep private but how has your sex drive and intimacy been during pregnancy? You should do the baby momma dance video and pre pregnancy clothes try on challenge video.‬

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