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  1. HASfit

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  2. Roberta Ehlers

    thank you!

  3. Fábio Ferreira

    Treino top

  4. Amy Williams

    Tabata workouts are quickly becoming my favorite!

  5. Bharti garg

    First workout without any pause

  6. Madhavan Pro

    ""Pam and Jim"" from the TV Show ""The Office""

    do you get that a lot !!

  7. Daina's World 88 Numbers88

    Best workouts ever!

  8. Natalie Sirois

    This is my favorite go-to workout! I started WW in February of 2018 and have been using HASFIT workouts consistently throughout my weight loss journey. I’ve lost 68 lbs and in the best shape of my life. Thank you for the awesome workouts and motivation!

  9. Daniel Holmes

    How are you able to have a lovely relaxed conversation with us during those last 2 warmup moves?

  10. ganesh katen

    really loved this one – especially longer-than-usual warm up and cool down!

  11. gwen theRawVegan

    My favorite kick butt…at 58 I still feel 30! Haha

  12. Lindsey Bugg

    Look forward to your workouts!

  13. poornima awasthi

    Hi how many sets n rest time in between

  14. Volha S

    👋🏼 👋🏼 thank you and waiting for the new workouts ❤️

  15. Goyo el Pollo

    I got lost after the 5 min nap part. Just woke up.

  16. N. T.


  17. gwen theRawVegan

    Awesome video 🙏

  18. mayanka jetley

    Hi great team. Could you tell me whether doing this workout daily along with healthy diet would help me loose few pounds

  19. Wsant

    I’m so happy I did this workout without having sciatica pain !

  20. yiğit sakallı

    After a week doing this workout I feel more energetic and happy. I felt burn in my entire body. You guys are the best. Love from turkey.

  21. Noor Sihan

    Yay… thank you hasfit!!

  22. Cait C

    Missed my workout for bootcamp this morning, but this ended up being an upgrade! Thanks, guys!

  23. Diana Rios

    Didn't feel like going to the gym but felt too guilty about not working out, so I did this workout at home! Yes!!!! 🏋🏽‍♀️

  24. Vicky Mastroianni

    Can you tell me the difference between your HIIT Tabata routines and your fat burning strength routines. Love these workouts. My goal is strength toning and fat loss. Im in good shape 56 yrs old 5'5" 135 lbs. I hike on off days. Guidance please?

  25. drlatha. raj

    Feeling super good

  26. aolanis82

    Love it.

  27. ginna castro

    Love the videos … any way to add more instruction and less …

  28. Wendy Jeffery

    Love your hit tabata workouts. Feel great!

  29. Anwar Alamrad

    I must say that I love theses full routines with warm ups and cool downs, and what I really love about your new videos is that you come out with new and creative exercises which is fun and developing physically, mentally, and emotionally! 👍🏼 Thank you HASfit for all the good things you share with the world ❤️

  30. Susi Vedsted

    Love your coaching and motivation – it keeps me going and smiling. Thanks from Denmark

  31. Paula Johnson

    I'm 61 years young and nothing can keep my attention like you two can!! Thanks for the excellent workout and for the motivation to keep on going!! Love the workouts and love you both for bringing them to us.

  32. FreeLakeAirsoft


  33. noxicologue

    Waow. That one was tough, but love it. Thank you Hasfit !
    Coach quote "Those 10 seconds of rest are the bests of my day!". While I heard that trying to catch my breath, It really hit me how you can translate this feeling to the whole time where you feel good between 2 workouts, which is… All the time (when working out consistently!)

  34. Onbayview

    Repeat tabata🏋🏿‍♀️

  35. Sujana Gurung

    I just loved this workout I have tried most of your all workout….you guys are awesome…🙏👍

  36. elena gudkova


  37. Drew Keane

    Love this workout!

  38. Yolandé Conradie

    I love your work outs 🙂 Do you have any advice for wrists that struggle with pushups and high planks

  39. Ματίνα Χρυσούλα

    amazing workout…. Can you please do more tabata workouts?

  40. Jennifer Sanchez

    I love the ending yoga moves, it really helps when you’re feeling tight and a bit shaky from the workouts. I’m a busy mom of 2, and 35 years old.I workout about 3-4 times a week and love your different workouts and like that you both are a team. Thanks

  41. R E

    Claudia you look great! Feeling jealous, LOL!

  42. Gaytri Nagappan

    Absolutely LOVED this workout!! thanks so much you guys!!

  43. Marcio Mendes

    Thank you hasfit

  44. That Nigerian Berliner

    Workout always on point. Been doing your workout for over a year and i totally love them

  45. Amy magnac

    that was goooood

  46. ShariSocial

    I downloaded the app, but I still like using YouTube. I share you guys with my friends.

  47. ShariSocial

    Thanks guys!

  48. 有貓就給讚

    這真的強度很夠 做完會無力

  49. Suraj Aryal

    Just finished this brutal workout. Utter pain and discomfort yet, utterly enjoyable at the same time. Thank you guys for such an awesome workout routine. Keep up the good work. Proud to be in the HASfit Tribe.



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