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  1. Mia Teranam

    pls do not put tumeric on your lips or your body
    if your lips are dry and have dead skin then use honey and sugar

  2. Gracie Colby

    9:30 Might just do it I’ve got nothing better to do 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

  3. Linda Margarita Canales Peraza

    Si aueres quedar como payaso el truco del minuto 5:58 esta excelente😂😂

  4. Laiba Bashir


  5. Only Satisfying

    بليز ادعموني

  6. Vinay Singh

    Pigmentation solution

  7. Zaina Daas

    Who realised that in every hack they used honey

  8. Seva İbrahim

    3:23 and 3:45 boy legs

  9. Rahf Omar


  10. wan di

    is pasti enggak viral tu

  11. Hanuman Mishra


  12. Ujjal Neogi

    you dont desserve 14 m sub

  13. Bella Jonhson

    I try 10 hack not one did work

  14. Nurimamah Imamah


  15. Mimi Bling

    7:35 I swear y'all showed that at the beginning of the video or am I trippin if not it was another one

  16. Yuan Li


  17. sanya Chandra

    Jab kuch Naya nahi milta to purana Kyo dalte ho idiots

  18. Musix Ninja

    2:59 the music sounds like screaming lol

  19. tothmancometh

    Luv the vid! Could you guys make a video that is like hacks for braces and stuff? I just got some and could use some tips. Just a suggestion tho 👍🏼😆♥️

  20. Nova Gustafsson

    honey, honey, honey xd

  21. manjusha78

    9:37 all the sudden the hair grew longer

  22. Alyssa Leraas

    Ok so can y’all start putting how much of stuff like ex: 4 tablespoons of water and 3 cups of oats … or stuff like that plzzz

  23. Asha PH

    Me: eating my oatmeal for breakfast
    Cousin: complaining about his bad skin
    Me: looks at him evil
    Also me: throws oatmeal at face and laughs

  24. 100 Subs With No Videos

    7:56 just weirds me out… I don't know why

  25. Libaan Mohamed


  26. احمد نورمان

    من اروح للدوام تجي ابالي اغنية حسام الرسام "شايف بشر يروح برجلة لـ الذل 😔😹😹💘!

  27. Terry Albano

    5:54 is the worst

  28. Smile to day

    الي عربي يشترك بقناتي بليز

  29. Basit Ali

    Mostly honey ideas but good ideas

  30. Joan Cayas

    The girl with short black hair shes so pretty😍

  31. Nilüfer KARADUMAN

    I love your chanel❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻😉

  32. NOE 101

    Hi I’m here bc we need to change this earth we are killing this is trending at this moment and I wanted to share with u a very important message I don’t really know if this comment will be popular in this comment section but I am here

    We need to save this planet we are killing the environment 😰😱😭😢

    That is a link to a important video please I’d u have time watching this and share it with friendship and family please
    Thank you 🙏🏽

  33. Fiora Holt

    Is she already giving a birth? Or maybe she didn't pregnant? or maybe it was an old video? 🤔

  34. Tuana Sadula

    Wow Wow

  35. Little Granger

    3:00 OMG a ghost face

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