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  1. Cristian Vega

    Yo it looks so goooood 🤤

  2. Ирина Луговых

    Видео очень красивое , но эта музыка напрягает и мешает!!!!

  3. Everd van Dyk

    Please come to Cape Town! Amazing scenes to capture here. Where the big mountain meets the ocean!

  4. Minty Mintes

    That has good FPS


    So beautiful!

  6. onehundredjacks

    why does 4k content look better than 1080 on a 1080 screen ?

  7. watch it

    4k on 720p is satisfy more then slime

  8. SorryIfYou BelieveAnyOfThem

    Wow a 4k video where they don't speed it up so you can't focus.

  9. Dmytro Picky

    they overdone postprocessing

  10. Freedom of Speech

    I absolutely loveeeee these vids! Especially with the sounds of the waves!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏👏

  11. Salih Haji Abu Rahma

    I love nature . So beautiful.
    I from kurdistan north Iraq

  12. Dima Angelova

    Omg wooo SwiftKey Flow Flow 8:00

  13. Dallas Jensen

    Oh boy, you've got a drone.. Straight down shots waste its versatility and are frankly boring.. So much potential wasted..

  14. BJ P

    Are their homes to buy here?

  15. Naughty Boy

    Awesome , Incredible , unbelievable video

  16. Luis Queimada

    Amazing flight, superb quality. Congrats!! 🙂


    Here close in the Earth looks healthy, if it were mostly like that. We forget, far-away is paradise.

    Thank you to the videographer.

  18. Jezza Lenko

    I want to go to there…

  19. Dwayne Johnson

    Watching this on my iPhone 11 and also watching on my iPhone 7plus which I’m about to send in to T-Mobile as a trade for this new iPhone and I’m comparing and it looks so clear on the iPhone 11 less faded real 4K obviously lol but still nice to see

  20. Casey

    Not 4K

  21. Suhan Das

    my chromebook could'nt go thru the vid pretty laggy

  22. allahverdi Aliev


  23. Mr Relax

    To the people reading this message! May you be blessed in all you do and have a great day!!!!

  24. Brew Analysis

    Far Cry 1 and 3 come to mind albeit without the violence.

  25. RoYaLiTy MeAnS aLoT

    Who else are checking their video quality of their gadget here????
    I m proud of my mobile after watching this video

  26. Steve Burton

    Who came to test the color contrast and pixels supported on their phone. This only went up to 1080p but it looked amazing color wise. And the pixels were still amazing on here. This was on the iPhone Xs.

  27. Dean Galati

    so beautiful

  28. 天罡北斗七星


  29. Zakariya Sheikh

    I just came for a wallpaper.

  30. The rainbow of life 978

    For me it’s 1080p so rip

  31. HeroKawaii

    so beathfull

  32. Abdul Wahid

    7.68 GB
    WiFi speed : 500 Mbps

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