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  1. TheUtuber999

    This guy should be a librarian.

  2. Kroban3

    "and let's put a friendly little tree over there and some happy clouds up here."

  3. Shirley

    Nonstop acid reflux without my gallbladder. 😣😭

  4. Shirley

    What about gallbladder removal nobody ever addresses that and your bile and cholesterol problems and stroke and blood clots ??

  5. Southsideman

    Hydrochloric acid is made from salt (sodium CHLORIDE)! The people need

  6. Karen

    My MD recommends eating smaller meals to help prevent acid reflux? Is this one of our recommendations Dr. Wright? I rarely have acid reflux (couple times a year) & on no Rx. I do notice that eating Mexican food can trigger acid reflux. is there specific spices that can cause acid reflux?

  7. Ch J

    Why are you whispering

  8. kay kool

    oops , wrong vid

  9. kay kool

    just old fashioned blood letting like in medival days

  10. Lara O'neal

    I’m AB blood type and we are low acid. I have hiatal hernia and to stop Gerd I take Previcid. What is my alternative. This Previcid does work and I take the lowest dosage.

  11. Luna Prior

    Ablecidervinegar does help, seriously… and then dont eat after 17.00 oclock in the afternoon and your acid reflush will go away!

  12. what what

    thank you for staying me alive , i'm suffering bloating/constipation and heartburn for 8 years, i stop schooling because of this issue , it wasted me a lot of years for my future. i decided to do some deep research about my issue and found out that i'm just lacking acid in my stomach , i've read an article about Sea Salt, it says sea salt can help stimulate hydrochloric acid in the stomach and it does real good . i'm talking about taking HCL with Pepsin i hope it'll help me more than what Sea Salt does . thank for the video .

  13. Pidit Boy

    What is the natural medicine?

  14. Mato Lato

    I have spent months researching reducing heartburn quickly and found an awesome resource at Alinn Heartburn Relief (google it if you are interested)

  15. Zion Huntsman

    Has numerous information in this wood working book “pepe amazing plan” (Google it). There are a few designs in the book but it is primarily explaining the whole process of how you can do various things and what tools to utilize to accomplish them. General, this book fulfilled my basic wish to find out about wood working.

  16. KM

    How long do you need to take the betaine HCL?

  17. jenn judd

    this guy speaks the truth

  18. Tyne Lampley

    I had never felt a fast and significant advancement like this since I starting following heartburn treatment “raka shocking guide” (Google it). My health is now at its peak and I feel great. I really feel so alive and invigorated. My acid reflux symptoms are a thing of the past.

  19. Tory Douthitt

    My doctor discovered that I`ve got a major inflammation in my esophagus as well as chronic acid reflux. Luckily, I`d been helped by this heartburn treatment “gοwοzο raka” (Google it). In less than 14 days, I managed to get rid of my heartburn and also the acid-like taste in my mouth.

  20. Midwestern Rocker

    this man's voice scares me…

  21. CaringHeart

    This is excellent information. I just had a naturopath physician recommend proton pump inhibitors and antidepressants. I could hardly believe it, and with all the long-term side effects, what was he thinking!
    I fired him.

  22. no1sebfan

    Apple Cider Vinagar ( with the mother) organic. 1tbsp. in a glass of water with lemon is great.

  23. Akuma

    This guys voice soothes me. He should do ASMR.

  24. Brammerzworkouts

    Absolutely bang on! Great explanation. These drug companies deserve to get sued eternally for fucking up peoples health. I suffered for years with reflux, lpr, sibo, esophagitis, even lost my voice due to lpr. I had a hiatus hernia and had to have speech therapy to get my voice back from all the acid damage. Bloated all the time, no energy, burping in my 20s, and 30s thanks to stupid fucking conventional doctors. I took so many of those anti acids and ppis etc and just got worse and worse. Ended up in hospital with a horrendous bug when on ppis. Where i had the hiatus hernia, my stomach kept pushing up and pressing on my vagus nerve and sending my heart rate through the roof. Put me in emergency room twice. Finally stopped listening to conventional medicine and to these doctors who speaks sense. Listen to this guy and Dr Mercola. I have completely cured my reflux and ALL my problems by TAKING ACID with my meals. I do not get any of the symptoms i have just mentioned ever. Do yourself a favour, buy his book!

  25. Tudval Stone

    "You look for the cause" but sometimes the cause is irreversible, the damage is done and you do need medication. For example hiatal hernia, if you are on the subject it should be mentioned, it's pretty common.

  26. iHealthTube.com

    5 Treatable Reasons for Acid Reflux,

  27. John Snow

    You seem like a smart man , so i will read your book and look for the cause . 
    Thanks again . 

  28. Jane M. Cuevas

    I feel exhausted as being a former heartburn sufferer thought I would die with heartburn

  29. Susan Aexander

    I must share this grate

  30. Al Senior

    I have been on a PPI drug (Omeprazole) for many years and would love to get off it, considering long term side effects.  Dr. Wright's theory makes sense, but I wonder whether more stomach acid can close a hiatal hernia, which may be the cause of my GERD.  

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