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  1. Khit Francisco

    Why do you changed your skin care all the time? Oh yeah…. sponsored!

  2. Jennifer Maisonet

    Clinique is great, I’ve been using the Ren Ready Set Glow Toner and it has decreased my pores drastically. The Clinique Gel Moisturizer is best for oily skin/acne prone skin. ☺️

  3. Foodalicious Home Style


  4. Kemi Kunle

    No offense, but you saying " I have extremely dark skin" doesn't really describe you. I wish you well and enjoyed the video otherwise – just had to say… 🙂

  5. samin kanava

    Dear Naomi Boyer: Your Skin Complexion Program is Really an Excellent One One Strives to maintain a natural Complexion and Glow of the Skin.. lining The Eyebrows is Important to Maintain the Person's Natural Symmetry in The Facial Area. All The Facial Make Up Procedure will always be existant in Order to Bring out the Person's Natural Glow and Beauty. Have a Great Wednesday Evening. Sami Morelli. City of Espoo. Finland

  6. Callme_Burbu

    Hey hon, please take this in the most constructive way possible but despite skin tone being relative to where an individual grows up and who they are around you do NOT by any means have extremely dark skin, tan, yes but not dark. Dark skin would be Lupita Nyongo, Normani, Nikki Thot, Nyma Tang, Kelly Rowland etc. And unfortunately the advice you gave on laser is false because sometimes laser does warrant issues with those complexions. As we move toward globalization, and as a fan of your content, I would like to see you be more responsible and sensitive with your choice of words. Love and light 💕

  7. Lilia Dietz

    Your skin looks amazing!

  8. freda Adjei

    Love you always 👑🤩🥰❤❤🥂🇬🇭

  9. Kristina Wenzel

    I don’t mind sponsored clothing videos. But skin care 🙄 how do you expect you to support the brand and believe you if you are being paid to use these brands. Plus it’s a different one every week. Like we know you don’t know or believe the results

  10. Kashta Graham

    Love you Naomi. You are so good at what you do.

  11. Dolores Gutierrez

    Laser hair removal changed my life!

  12. Laura X

    Why don’t you want to do eyelash extensions or for lash set?

  13. Maribel Ward

    Thank you. I am going to TRY then all.

  14. Nic W

    I think you have the ‘x’ on the wrong brow on the thumbnail- I clicked because I was interested why you had an ‘x’ next to the gradient brow which looked perfect! But in the video you say that’s the right way!

  15. Miss K

    I wish I could afford laser 😭

  16. Dom Anderson

    Your room looks so beautiful! 🙂

  17. Zoe Bray-Cotton

    Hey Naomi, just a little idea that I think will help with sponsored videos. Make your first tip/topic something other than the sponsored product. I think it will make a big difference ❤️

  18. jocger08

    I love your tips, your like the big sister I never had ♥️

  19. JenJen83

    Agreed!! Laser hair removal is AMAZING!!! 😁

  20. Tammy Pitts

    I had to unfollow because All your videos are now sponsored and they're just different now. I was surprised even your vlog was. It seems like you're chasing money. God bless you, but I'm no longer interested.

  21. Akumla Longchar

    I unsubscribe when I see some kind of sponsored videos . Done

  22. S F

    My tip instead of using an eyelash curler get a lash lift!!! I think they look more natural and classier than lash extensions

  23. Me Me

    You sold me out 🙂

  24. lilian rusty

    I unsubscribe your you tube cause no longer helpful channel but only watch your advertisement

  25. Mila Rozhko

    You forgot the main one in my opinion – using sunscreen every day!

  26. Tonya Reavis

    Laser hair removal changed my life! No joke! I’m glad I’m not the only one who needed more than the standard treatments too! Worth every penny in my opinion!

  27. Drea Debe

    🤔Extremely dark skin????? Where sis?????

  28. Jesica V Cardone

    I saw the story on IG saying you had a new video and instantly though “sponsored by who?”. ALLLLL of you vids are now sponsored, so you basically open youtube to watch an ad. Hope your channel would go back to what it was, a real classy girl who loved neutrals and was always perfection! Not like that any more.

  29. mzladyj18

    You do not "have extremely dark skin" otherwise you would have no need to tan. FYI as an African American woman who is several shades darker than you, you should choose your words more carefully and with consideration. SMH🙄

  30. Honeysweetzinc

    You have extremely dark skin?/?!!!??? " I always tan" Please continue

  31. Melissa Burrell

    I live in Canada and Latin’s is purchase through proscription only. Laser change my life great investment great suggestion👍🏾 FYI some laser hair removal machines DO burn darker skin, do your research’s I’m a medical Esthetician I’ve done my fear share of laser testings. For women of darker skin tone the laser bran “Gentle YagPro” is life changing.

  32. Jay R. Nightingale

    Can you include where to purchase the eyelash serum? 😘😘😘😘

  33. Vanessa Franco

    I agree with the no lash and extensions.. Definately will try latice

  34. Mariah Maddux

    Can you link where to buy the latisse eyelash serum?

  35. Lynda Wood

    You have the most beautiful skin I have ever seen. Honest. I use all Korean skin care products, but do not wear makeup. I want to start
    using makeup again, but really am apprehensive about it. I used to use Latisse. Maybe I will start using it again.

  36. Ann Latham

    Clinique is one of those brands that moms buy for their children. ✅

  37. Stacey Caiola

    Please do a tutorial on this makeup look!!!!!

  38. Caroline Mel

    Ah love all these tips! I’ve been wanting to invest in laser hair removal but terrified of the pain. Haha what is you nail color!! Love! 😍

  39. Beryl Obeo

    Your so amazing much love

  40. Haydee Adoradora Pr Siempre

    Wow you looks so cheerful and beutififul! Love Clinique yay!

  41. Elle

    You’re looking amazing 😃. Great haircut

  42. AwkwardlyDbeauty

    Excited to watch you have the most beautiful skin ♥️♥️♥️

  43. Blessd Nina

    I need an eyebrow tutorial, your brows are beautiful ❤️

  44. DivyaM


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