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  1. Diann Hazelton

    Great video! Great information!

  2. Cassandra Gonzalez

    This was great. I’m starting to plateau and my old ways of wanting to cut calories and/or punish myself with exercise are creeping in. But I feel wonderful on keto. I don’t want to change that and try to keep that in mind. But when I still have another 25 lbs to go…the panic sets in.

  3. Tammy K

    Great advice Amanda! Thank you 😊

  4. Sumurazz Phillips

    I've recently lost my thirty year old gold and diamond pinky ring, slipped right off my finger somewhere. Have no idea where it went. Had not thought that it might be because I have lost
    weight. Now I can put a positive spin on it, thanks Amanda.

  5. Keto.Swede.Jessie

    Amanda thank you so much for this video. I am a "slow" looser =P I lost 15 lbs in 12 weeks. But I am ok with it. I will try to track my macros (even if I am against it I am afraid I will get crazy) for one week and see if I loose more.

  6. shawna ferguson

    Very informative. Thank you!

  7. Mary Sprouse

    what is bullet proof coffee?

  8. Raquel Branom

    Thanks Amanda, I needed this pep talk

  9. Tracie Ward

    Thank you for this video – i have been doing keto for around 3 weeks and the scale isn't moving as quickly as i thought it should – i have noticed i feel way less bloated, but was getting discouraged – i needed this video today!

  10. Jens Balanced Life

    Very encouraging Amanda!  I have to track and I still lose slow but I'm not giving up.  Thank you

  11. TheAutumnHeather

    This is awesome information.. when I started I really only had about 40ish pounds to lose.. but my hubs was a big boy.. in the past year he's lost over 70 lbs.. while I did about 25.. but like you said.. the non scale victories are AMAZING! I went from wearing 2x shirts and pants to Medium.. he went from having to special order online to being able to buy off the rack .. even at Walmart! and we are the definition of lazy keto – if we are having a rough time.. its off plan.. and we get right back on.. because after trying everything else.. this works! Keto works!

  12. Sophie Benet

    Great information. I think I fall into the not eating enough fat category. I tend to meet my protein but not my fat. I need to make some adjustments for sure.

  13. Azy N azy

    How old were you to start Keto. If age can be relevant, though.

  14. Cindy Renauld

    I am with you on your list and I love that you said not everyone can eat the same. I have been really limiting my keto snacks- bars, cookies, etc.- to get back on track. And it’s finally working. I have had to work really hard to curb my sweet tooth. And the weight is coming off slowly 1-3 lbs a week. Some weeks nothing. But it’s a process. I am hoping by the end of the year I will be back to what I weighed a year ago after gaining like 20-25 lbs in nursing school from binging and eating my feelings.

    Your videos are a good staple and reminder in my life. Thanks again for what you are doing !

  15. Jessica Gilbert

    Right on Amanda! I stopped tracking because it was stressful. I think I may get back to it just to see exactly what I'm putting in my mouth. I think I'm number 2 on this list. I just dont feel like eating anything. And in keto I dont feel hungry till I notice I'm hangry. I'd like to add a #6 Drink plenty of water and make sure your getting potassium and magnesium. Water fluhes all the waste out so our body doesn't go back and store it again. And if your not getting enough vitamins your body will start to retain water. We didnt gain the weight over night so be kind to yourself. It's healthier not to lose it over night. Don't let stress raise your cortisol levels that will also make you gain weight.

  16. RED LILY

    I lose well on Keto…I prep my foods and have used some of ur recipes…my problem is STRESS! Dealing with the loss of my Dad my comfort is carbs, sometimes I have real bad days …I'm not giving up on Keto…ur video was very encouraging…thanks!!

  17. S_abinchen H.

    This is super helpful and very encouraging. Thank you soooo much! Need to focus more on NSV😉

  18. Freedom In A Budget

    Such great reminders! I do lazy Keto but if I plateau I go back to tracking to make sure I’m not overdoing the carbs and have enough fat.

  19. Sara

    The calorie thing is an interesting one. I counted/restricted, lived and breathed 'CICO' for years and maintained a larger loss, but it became harder to do the further into maintenance I got. Finally after 6 years of struggling to maintain I just couldn't do it anymore and ditched thinking about calories and went general low carb. That led to keto level carbs and then the past few months I've been mostly carnivore. When I spot check calories now my intake is fairly high for my stats and the calorie numbers I'm at now would have caused weight gain back when I was tracking/counting calories and eating lower fat/moderate protein. But yet I'm now maintaining a very lean body-weight, (BMI in the 19.5 range since going carnivore). I don't understand how this is possible, I just know that very low carb/high fat/higher protein works really well for me and I now maintain effortlessly without tracking, counting or weighing anything 🙂

  20. Tia Gentry

    So true on all points. You do an amazing job explaining it. Thanks

  21. Kim Wells

    So keto and gluten free?? Thoughts?

  22. Olivia Reese

    I’ve been stalled and frustrated going on over a month but not giving up and you just keep me motivated. Thank You 🥰

  23. Irma Espinoza

    You are such an awesome inspiration to me. I just love you so much and how you're such a normal person. Makes me know I can do it too.

  24. Pinkpapaya RuSyse

    My colleague said to me today, “I’m doing lazy Keto”. Then proceeds to get a subway foot long sandwich. 😂

  25. Aja Tracy

    Awww. Amanda I just Love you!!! Thank you so much for this video💖

  26. mo k

    Amanda, I watch all your videos.This one is one of the best.I go to doctor every 6 months.In April I was 226. I just went last week, I was 223.Doctor scales mind you. I do know that I have lost inches.Quite a lot.The ring slipping off is a big clue. I track everyday.Day 445 on mfp. Im not perfecti slip sometimes.I think the calories do have more to do with it than just the carbs.I used almond flour today.It has a lot of calories.I have lost 90lbs in 14 months.I think that is good.It could be better.Bottom line is like you said our journey is our own. Thank you for all your encouragment and for putting many meals on my table.Thank you for coming on this journey with me.I also know im successful as my A1c has gone down to a 5.3 from 5.6 in April.

  27. Miss Monika

    Oh thank you for the gentle scolding. I've been bad, ugh! 😭

  28. Christina D

    This was fantastic to hear. My keto journey started off with a BIG bang and now it takes weeks and weeks to see even 1 or 2 pounds lost. But damn do my clothes look good!! 🥳

  29. Tami Tes

    Thank you! I needed to watch this today. I will give keto another try 💕

  30. Jenny Shappell

    Absolutely love the last one! Slow and steady wins!

  31. Jenny Shappell

    This is I think your best video yet!❤️😘👍🏻

  32. Missy Hathaway

    Thank you for this!

  33. Species710

    I call "Jenny" another name…

  34. karen campanaro

    I’m constantly surprised by how some people are blind to the true number of carbs and calories they are eating. I recently spoke to a woman who is verrrry bitter about not losing weight on keto. She said she was being super strict, but I was present for some of her meals over the last week and can verify she isn’t remotely following a strict, or even lazy keto diet. But she denies it. Vehemently. You can lead a person to keto, but you can’t make them cut the carbs. 😇

  35. Savoia LaRocca

    I’m on Keto mid way through Pre Menopause. That’s why I began this journey 15 months ago. I was packing on the lbs eating the way I always had. But it caught up with me. And I was never a small girl. So, It’s probably the best thing I’ve done for myself my whole life and didn’t know it would be! I’ve never felt better and dropped about 35 lbs (slowly) and that works for me! Even if I lose 1lb per month now, that’s success during this time in my “change of” life. It’s these types of videos and all your inspiring recipes that keep me going. I never feel deprived. So thank you!!

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