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  1. Kanupriya Goel

    I love DIY skin care recipes specially based on Ayurveda. They make my skin healthy whenever I use them regularly. Everyone should try these DIYs.

  2. Janna Gamal

    So, I know that what you did is one way of cupping but the other way I know is like making tiny cuts around the area that you feel pain or even a little sourness you know and then using a Cup that sucks all the unuseful blood out of your body it really does work a lot of my family members tried it

  3. Aisling O’ Sullivan

    5 days of vlogging

  4. Erza Malici

    Did u know that qi means to fuck in albanian :))


    That's not a real cupping. CZ while being on cupping blood shud comes out from ur body. He didn't do anything to u actually

  6. Krystiana Doughty

    Her eyes are so big and beautiful 😍😘

  7. Dez B

    They use acupuncture at the cancer treatment center

  8. Dieba

    5 days living like a chronic ill person

  9. Idalyz Torres


    No other army’s ok

  10. Grace Grace

    A really good playdoh recipe is conditioner and corn starch

  11. anahi dubon

    5 days of scratch from shampoo to deodorant food toothpaste like I mean EVERYTHING YOU USE

  12. Ruthy Bap

    It’s Herb, not Erb

  13. Valentina Markoska

    Do five days of no makeup 💄

  14. Lauren Worth

    Accupuncture was sooo good for the ligament damage in my knee. 2 treatments and it felt so much stronger!

  15. Denise Chen

    If you’re going to dive deeper into herbal medicine, will you be able to do a video on it?

  16. The boldyin Glaza

    Hey Lucie ,Would you try the spiritual remedy Dmt next you would be so improved on that it will open your mind and Its people like you who would benefit the most from Dmt you would learn who you really are instead of who you have been told you are or should be .

  17. The boldyin Glaza

    Health expert ?? 😂

  18. meł

    aaaah! please don’t put lemon on your skin! it can cause serious burns and damn age to the top layers of skin. it’s very acidic and therefore strips the skin making it more prone to acne.

  19. Abluemorphobutterfly

    Coconut oil is comodegenic..

  20. WingsOfBlackAndWhite

    Omg I literally have the same shirt as her

  21. Riya Malik

    5 days of different types of relaxation
    5 days with your favourite youtubers

  22. Nolomouscheval

    Health expert “not a lot of research shows it does much” ..
    Except for THOUSANDS OF YEARS of using these methods are seeing amazing results far more interesting than antibiotics or whatever

  23. Its Sinclair Time

    5 days of different hobbies (including painting)

  24. Briana Matos

    I love using essential oils for cleaning! It’s non toxic because I have little kids and I don’t want all those chemicals getting into their systems. I also diffuse oils to help relax or with stuffy noses!

  25. Autumn Sully

    Cupping id litterally the only thing that helps my gheonic back pain so ya👍👍

  26. Valeria Del Rio-Rodriguez

    I do not find hollistic medicine as a pseudo science. There is science out there proving these methods work and theres even some things found upon today that centuries ago was already stated and had working remedies to.

  27. sacha falcone

    Having glass cups on your back seams kinda dangerous I mean what if you realest the pressure and one broke

  28. E

    Are heath writers, nutrition writers, make up writers, etc. certified or something? In other videos she has sat down and talked to a few but what expertise do they have? Are they professionals before hand, do they have certain degrees or anything? Genuinely curious.

  29. Sophia Nicole

    There’s actual proof in how acupuncture works and it’s not pseudoscience. Don’t believe everything you read online

  30. Big Chungus

    5 days of no meat.

  31. Angelica Romero

    I need to try the day 2 remedies

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