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  1. High Carb Hannah

    ★ Thanks for watching! Get started on your weight loss journey with my free Weight Loss Cheat Sheet!

  2. JB

    trader joe's no longer makes those tortillas.. new ones have tons of salt.. that's the bad thing about trader joes, they can pull a product at any time…

  3. Elena Poyarkova

    You are just wonderful!

  4. Kathy Shiflet

    Love these…recipes

  5. MI Five

    1tsp oil is 120 calories

  6. LadyV

    What is that pink stuff on the yogurt?

  7. Jessica Sizemore

    What kind of puffed quinoa do you use? It looks so good!

  8. Terry

    Always love Hanna's content. So so sooo many great ideas and tips. Thank you!

  9. Wendy M

    All this looks so tasty! Yum.

  10. Katie Priest

    Will this work with probiotic powder?

  11. Bea M

    Hey Hannah,
    I'm from Tucson and would love it if you shared some of your favorite hot weather recipes. Do you feel me? Ty!

  12. Penny D

    Brilliant! ❤️

  13. angelweengz1

    do you have any issues breaking out with probiotic?

  14. Soura Alassaf

    You can make hummus better with chickpeas than white bean because white-beans 14 carbs chickpeas 8 carb

  15. Holly Flynn

    Thank you for sharing these! Definitely going to try over the next week 👍

  16. Elsa Gonzalez

    Do you do intermitten fasting?💋

  17. Elsa Gonzalez

    Why do you call it High Carb?💋

  18. R. Whitaker

    Very nice 👌 I especially like the looks of the sandwich 🥪😋

  19. Salkis Re

    What type of bread did you use when you spread the bean spread?

  20. Crazy Hondamom

    What is the silver dispenser behind you? I know lilykoi has one too.🤔

  21. Mike Ciaccio - Artist

    Check number onefish!

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