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  1. _ c̷l̷o̷u̷d̷

    *it says average person needs 7-8 hours of sleep*
    Uhh let’s not talk about how I had 4 hours of sleep because I woke up at 4 to review for my exam even though it started at 9 ;-;

  2. I have an attitude

    I’m 14 and I’m 5’5 and I weight 150

  3. Sup I'm Gacha Fluffy

    Can dat cause anorex???

  4. Tae's Gucci girl

    Thanks so much (^_^)

  5. Natural Home Remedies

    Hey I Love Your Video's! You inspired me to start my weight loss journey,i Actually made a about it on my channel if you'd like to check it out!

  6. ShaylaLovesArt [Taurtis09]]

    I dont like water :((

  7. Nitesh MAhawar

    Lose weight
    & Gain weight now ask me how ?
    (With proper knowledge)
    Call & whatsapp on 9024043890

  8. Alex Schleich

    I swam for 4 hours straight and I lost 10lbs that day; so swim everyday if you live near a olympic pool

  9. David Williams

    I have been on an exercise program but it doesn't help much until I stopped snacking for 4 days and I lost 3kg! (I have been using appetite suppressant tea though) Honestly, eating healthy and stop snacking help you lose weight so much faster than just exercise

  10. Yoon Wati

    Is it really possible to lose weight like on the cover photo? Please tell me. I really need to lose weight within 1 month.

  11. ezra kidane

    bruh i’ve tried everything and it didn’t work so i’m prob just gonna eat like 500 calories cuz i’m so fat for a 14 year old

  12. Godzilla2007 Arango


  13. Poopy Toenail

    I ONLY know how to cook eggs so uhh guess who the chickens are gonna hate 😬

  14. Toxic

    Ok here’s one! Join wrestling!

  15. Anna Stone

    Awesome content to lose weight fast!! I also have came a free INFO & eBook that I am more than happy to give you if you want it. Just simply email me on weightloss067  @ gmail .com minus the spaces and I will send you the book absolutely for free this book is amazing and can help you get started and lose weight fast.

  16. Fawaz Elbashier

    You see, i don’t look fat it’s just that sometimes I take my shirt of on the pool and than my friends look healthy wile I just look different not a good way

  17. QuickStrike

    i did omad diet lost 30lbs in 1month

  18. PRO543

    Who else is so fucking fat they drink 5 sodas a day and eat doritos. And play xbox all day long

  19. flying pillow

    I crashed dieted and I lost 100 and something pounds in one month, and after your don't you just have to watch what you eat

  20. Cristian Rypo

    I’m 12 and clocking in at 165 so this is necessary

  21. Bjart Murat

    Can you eat grilled cheese? xD?

  22. Anima Delta

    Does this help if I add 2 hours of fitness every day?

  23. Kid Clouted

    losing a couple pounds in a month? i lost 3 pounds in 4 days not using this diet

  24. __ MØLŁY__

    This is helping me…

  25. Ry

    I'm 14 with a small little belly fat like a little bit. Do I need to be watching this?

  26. Life Crescent

    I have watched your video on weight loss, it’s a great video. I loved your
    video. I also have a channel related to weight loss. Don’t forget to check my
    channel up.

  27. ScarlettGamer1o1

    I lost 2 pounds in 1 day from starting to eat at 12 pm to 7 pm and then fast until it hits 12 the next day people should also eat 1,500 calories a day instead of 2,000 but basically it burns body fat and makes u lose 2 pounds in one day even without working out.

  28. Fitness Anytime and Anywhere by Marzena

    Check this video: 10 biggest lies about Fitness:https://youtu.be/_63VM453STs

  29. Allen Castellanos

    Yea notthing is better than walking up to a high protein breakfast

  30. ira singh

    they said walking instead of waking hahha

  31. JustRionax

    can i kind of eat unhealthy but go swimming for a few months in classes and do sports to lose weight instead does that work in the same way?

  32. Atemkeng Cynthia

    This video makes sense.tx

  33. Alejandra María Mora

    Very informative

  34. O. B.

    So basically cut your calories and it doesn't matter what you do

  35. Trym Hegrenes

    The Body Hub channel is amazing!Your videos are great and keep making them!

  36. dlanjobo

    if your going to say studies, it's good to cite those studies in the video/description so people can see how true the statements are

  37. Shane Walsh

    Can you do the same with gaining weight please?

  38. David Lord Vonderhaar

    Finally I’m fat eating is worse than drugs

  39. Laila Ali

    fasting makes you shed pounds 👌🔥🔥🔥 I'm on day 4

  40. Tasty_xperiences Instagram

    Do you hear that Americans?

  41. Tyler Forte


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