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  1. Mini Hut Cooking

    Excellent recipe looks so delicious . Thanks for sharing nice video.

  2. Rakhi Mittal

    Mam very nice recipes aap konsa oven use krte hai bn pls tell me

  3. Sudeshna Sen

    Thanks ma'am ,very much helpful, I was searching for this ,thanks thanks thanks thanks a lot

  4. shweta priyadarshini

    Hi mam I am regular follower of all your videos for a long time..just wanted to ask wether can I get a customised diet plan from you yes then how

  5. Anupriya

    Hii..nice recipe.. Ek din me kitna portion le skte h..if we are on weight loss journey?

  6. FaIzA bAshEeR khaN

    so soothing voice…I love ur way of talking ☺️

  7. Tiyasha Bhukta

    Mam please share a diet plan for anemic women…bcz in India a lot of women is slightly anemic or have strong anemic conditions…requesting you mam plzzzz help us…nd u r doing so well man…love uuuu❤❤❤

  8. Stacey Crawford

    Thank you for giving us this amazing recipes. You are amazing. <3

  9. Taslim Badam

    Mungfali wait loos me khaa sakte hain pleaz btaiye

  10. Vidhi Jain

    Hello Manju… please reply if u take one on one sessions

  11. Deepali Chintan

    Also (adding to my previous comment), it would be really helpful if u could plz make one video on easy healthy and quick (but not sweet) snacks for grabbing while in rush.. thnx

  12. Deepali Chintan

    Could u plz make one video on weekly Indian meal prep and ideas for lunchbox? Thnx

  13. Kalyani Kadam

    Thank you mam for sharing

  14. Manisha Pawar

    Mam kya isse workout I baad kha sakte hai..issase weight to nahi badhega na….


    thanks mam for this video can you make video about eggs rescipes for weight loss

  16. Tashi Zinu

    Thank you ji

  17. Tashi Zinu

    Manju ji u are amazing…..How u make innovative healthy recipes

  18. Louna Djeridi

    Tu fait de très bonne choses mais dommage je ne comprend pas la moitié des ingrédients

  19. Bp Babli

    Pls mam pregnant lady k liye diet plan batao jisse weight na bade

  20. Easy stitch


  21. Saraf Nawar kaina

    Thanks ….just delicious…

  22. Ricky khan

    Hi dear maine use try kiya tha but binding nahi hoti to maine powder hi use kiya

  23. Tara K

    Too good….👍….keep up the good job

  24. Tony Sing

    Mam agr oven na ho to cooker m kese bnega pls reply

  25. veena rao



    Tnx a lot mam ..for such healthy recipes…

  27. Asma Ajmeri

    Superb dear

  28. anita rawat

    Wow amazing recipes… I love it

  29. Savi Mahesh

    Superb healthy recipes….tx for sharing

  30. Afia Salmana

    How much quantity of ragi is ok for people with thyroid disorder?

  31. Baranwal vishnu

    From where I get chia seeds ? Plz tell mam

  32. Delicious and Fusion recipe

    Waoooo superb healthy and delicious 😋👌👌🙏

  33. Navaz Patel

    Ma'am, can we use chikki jaggery for these recipes???

  34. Divya Darshini

    Tq So much fr giving ur precious time n effort to show us….so very usefull video….pls keep sharing ur knowledge .vl be so glad to u 😍👍👍👍

  35. Abdulrahiman Choudhari

    Kaun si age Mein hard exercise karna aur diet karna Sahi Hoga. Please make on video this topic

  36. Divya Darshini

    Tq so very much mam….pls keep sharing such wonderfull recepies….stay blessed😍

  37. Meen Sa

    Masha Allah tooooooooo good😊👍

  38. Pavani Kruthiventi

    Can u please do more videos on daily snacks in evening times at 5PM … so that I can take them daily

  39. #Rcrown _

    Such a healthy and easy to make Recipes!! thank you for making this video mam!!

  40. Haripriya M

    Number of times watch kiya myne man,nd mere mom ko dhija diya,nice recipies,healthy recipies, my apka videos dekh kar protine laddoo banaya,2 day Also am doing this recipie. Tanx .

  41. patel yamina

    Very testy thanx mam



  43. moushree Das

    super healthy

  44. Rohit Kumar

    👌👌👌Great work

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