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  1. softiegguk

    *when you don't have any of these besides bananas*

  2. Arije Zouaoui

    Hey ^^ very good ideas, thank you so much! I can't eat banans, can I replace it with something else in the first breakfast idea please??

  3. Niki Dhima

    Isn’t this called “overeating” or its just me ?

  4. VennWK7

    Take a shot every time she says 'sO gOoD'

  5. Max Bolen

    Can anyone else not eat banana because of the stomachs or something?

  6. V's Victory

    Ik this video was uploaded a long time ago amd i dont know if anyone will answer me but…..lets try

    So on the second dish you used mushroom I personally dont like mushroom (or egg cus it makes me feel like vomiting) so can i use anything else other then mushroom

  7. karina rodriguez

    Where can I get coconut yogurt in California?

  8. Kimberly Nicasio

    What does everyone recommend to use instead of bananas? I only used one for the first recipe (chocolate pudding) to cut back on the banana taste and even with that it was still overpowering.

  9. Magaly Stephanie

    i love these ideas !!

  10. Madison Spratt

    Weight loss? More like Money loss

  11. Chloe Leslie

    Thank you sooo much. VERY HELPFULLL!!!!

  12. Trinity Guerrero

    I looooove the way she says banana 🍌

  13. sarah simpson

    Omg no sweeteners anywhere lol nothing no honey Nothing

  14. Rickster Music

    I agree this is very healthy but I would never eat it to loose weight (except for the scrambled eggs stuff)

  15. April Lyn Verano

    Can you tell me ingredients of bfast idea #4 and 5? Thank you

  16. Lilly League

    Blueberry oatmeal was delicious, feels refreshing to eat and easy to make!

  17. Green Financial Freedom

    Hi Liezl, thank you for this cool video. I will definitely at some point try these recipes. One suggestion for this video and maybe for others is that it would be cool if you could write the portion as a text in the video. Sometimes this helps watcher a lot. For example if you are in the train and you don't have headphones with you then it would be easier to see the portion with text instead of increasing volume to such level that other people next to you might get annoyed when someone watches a video lol 😀

  18. Lizy

    Can someone please do me a favor and write down the receipts for me please

  19. Monty Gra

    Omg I loved the blueberry oatmeal <3

  20. ruya setto

    The shop the bowl is amazing, it is like eating dessert for breakfast! Thanks for shearing!

  21. Ninka Griffons

    The amount of fresh fruits in those video’s

  22. Alicia I.

    Really only breakfast #2 would help with weight loss. All the other breakfasts have way too many carbs and sugars. Fruit or not, that causes a spike in insulin which will lead to weight gain if you are not incorporating exercise to make sure you burn off excess sugars. In breakfast #1 that is two whole bananas. Bananas are high glycemic and loaded with sugars (hopefully the fat in the avocado would slow the digestion of the sugars). Just saying😏

  23. marlan v.

    what kind of oatmeal did she use?

  24. music live


  25. TruDragon88

    Doesn’t the first one have a lot of sugar ?

  26. Regina Ranga

    Banana and Avacado ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Just made that and loving this

  27. Mayy4

    guys, avocados need so much water to grow, it's insane. Maybe we should think about reducing our consume of avocados, because water is very precious

  28. Yazmin Farrag

    Men lol this was really good thank u

  29. Queen Mia

    Bananas are not healthy to eat

  30. ケイティー


  31. Leonora Matthews

    What cup blender do you recommend/use?

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