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  1. Lily Ca

    Would You please make a video about tripophobia?

  2. Karys Madden

    I’ve been Diagnosed with generalized,social,and separation anxiety. 🤮

  3. Boba Pada

    I have 5. Its very hard to get thru some anxiety attacks.

  4. Sketchy Skies

    I was in the living room one day,and just randomly told my mom about the panic attack I’d had a few weeks earlier.She said “Really?”,and then looked really sad….she never really probed further.I think she’s worried about me…

  5. Dr. Harvey Kane

    If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned in the video, especially if they are severe, I highly recommend to get a psychological evaluation. In order to get one, you have to be assessed by your family doctor first. And that would be the way to go about it, since no one can really diagnose anyone over the internet (especially if everything is just based on a few sentences).

  6. Oliver Soldatino

    Well mom I have to tell you about the seve-

  7. Allura Knight

    I have Social Anxiety, Separation Anxiety, depression, and GAD, I have a hard time being myself around people and can NOT be by myself. My family does not understand and though I know they try, they fail to do so. I never do things I want because I don’t want people to think I am weird. I don’t get much sleep and am always waiting for the next anxiety attack. I have had many at school and out of school, but I don’t want anyone to know about it because I don’t want them to get mad at me. I though I was alone in this thinking, but it is very comforting to know I am not! I have many problems, I also have a huge problem with taking pills because of a event that happened to me when I was younger, and then again 2 years ago. I know it is odd, I understand it is hard for friends and family to understand, I just wish they could walk in my shoes. Then again, I would never want them to feel the way I do. But, therapy, art, writing, my pets, they have helped me cope! I just wish I could be myself without the constant fear. There is always a voice telling me these horrible things, I wish I could just “not be anxious” and “cheer up” or “stop being so negative” like people tell me. It is just so hard. Thank you for reading this far, I really do appreciate it.

  8. Amyra S

    I have social anxiety.. scared to talk in front of big crowds.. panics when people stare at me.. ect. But when I’m around my friends I feel safe. I feel like I can talk to them. So a lot of people don’t believe I have social anxiety because I look so happy but I’m not really….

  9. Kim The Baked Patato

    I have been diagnosed with gad and sad so I sent this vid to my mom so she could understand me more. It really helps when you have your parents by your side

  10. Trans Boy

    Pretty sure I might have social anxiety, my mom has been trying to find someone to see if I do have it

  11. Imma Smiler

    I think I have all 5..

  12. Olive Poliquin Pinchbeck

    I just got ditched by my very best friend and I always feel like she hates me

  13. Ashley

    Yayyyy!!!! So happy I found this!!!

  14. •bxbblegxm •

    From what I see I kinda have all of them..?

  15. Trash Can

    I hate having social anxiety 🙁

  16. Elizie_YEY

    I’ve been slowly realizing this, but I’m very paranoid. I’ve never before thought of myself as having anxiety, but I’m realizing how bad it’s gotten. I’m so paranoid my best friend is spreading rumors about me, even though I know that it’s very unlikely. I can’t talk to people about my problems because I don’t really trust them. I’m paranoid I have paranoia.

    Edit: someone just opened the door and it’s like 11:40 pm and I’m aware it’s almost definitely one of my Dad’s friends (they were over earlier) but I’m just silently freaking out that someone’s out to get me

  17. Bethany Rupert

    I have social anxiety, panic disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. It effects my everyday life. My friends and even some family don't know what it's like to have it. Which is why I love the song "Anxiety" by Julia Michaels. ❤❤

  18. Fantasy Bee

    Yesterday I got an anxiety attack in school in the middle of a class we where doing something about math in teams and I would be digging into my skin as hard as I could with my nails each time I lost and then at the end anxiety hit me bad

  19. TwiztedSkull

    Oh my GAD

  20. the fun house

    I have a lot of anxiety disorders like: GAD, PTSD, OCD, social anxiety, I also have depression. I just want you to know if your going through something it will get better just keep your head above water, ily

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