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  1. Andrea LeAnne

    Oh look it’s another sponsored video. 😒

  2. Katharine Leeder

    Is this available in Canada?

  3. jennifer merten

    Whoa what up you changed your nail polish lol

  4. Ivonne Fitzmaurice

    You are pretty with or without makeup

  5. Montse Pugh

    Looooving your tanned look! what do you use for your body? You look amazing.

  6. Broadcast Neo

    Nail polish please?!

  7. Elizabeth J

    Great video! You look beautiful, yet it seems so effortless. That concealer is incredible!

  8. Josefine Öijer

    that brow gel tho 😍

  9. tanja i

    Looking gorgeous!!!! So tempting products <3

  10. Danielle Urquhart

    your necklaces are beautiful! where are they from?

  11. Monika

    Love that nail colour! What is it?

  12. Ivana Celina

    no naturally stunning!!

  13. Alexa Style Book

    Your skin is glowing and so tan for this nice weather💕💕

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