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  1. Gut Feelings

    🥦 Would you like a one-week meal plan to alkalize your body and heal your gut? 🥦

  2. Toyo Kawamura


  3. Nani S

    Yes please a video on acidic foods!

  4. Sandra Poku

    Yes, I want to know about acidic foods please.

  5. II Rita Yadav II


  6. Terri Ozanich

    Yes, 5 most acidic foods info, please. Thank you for your videos and your sincere wish to help people. I think fresh herbs might be my favorite alkalizing food.

  7. Julie Kilpatrick

    Yes please make a video giving us a list of acidic foods.

  8. Anna Moraitis

    YES ♥️

  9. Trimbaker

    Hi Peggy, A very nice friend of mine who is suffering a terrible loss ( tragic death of a love) has been sharing my home to gather her nerves a while…She went inland , out of the path of this hurricane that comes…I found a gift in my fridge from her. Cilantro and kale! The poor dear has no money to spare, and knew how nice it would be for me to find these green gifts in my fridge. I thought of you when I saw them. Smiling, George.

  10. Kayleigh Scott

    Yes, acidic foods 👍🤗

  11. sydney morrison

    YES to acidic foods video!

  12. Robyn Clews

    Yes – acidic foods!

  13. Steven A

    My favourite alkalising food is watermelon. I love it especially on a hot day, as it comes or blended. But I adore all melons! In fact I'm going to have a slice now. 🙂

  14. tony cimino


  15. vinod kumar

    yes please make a video on acidic food

  16. Andrew Smith

    Sweet potato is my fav 🎯

  17. Jessica Carrillo

    In the video it looks like you squeezed a lime into water since it was green…. will limes work as well as lemons?

  18. Jessica Carrillo

    Yes Please!

  19. Kyle Blackmore

    Is it okay to have more than 2 bananas through out the day? I tend to have 4 in a breakfast smoothie and 4 in my lunch smoothie, then a cooked meal in the evening.? 🙂

  20. Arijeet Biswas

    Yes, please tell us more about acidic foods. And Celery juice is my favorite alkalizing food.

  21. Bianca Desilets

    I blend ginger with my smoothies 🙂

  22. Dorota Ross

    Yes! Please 😊

  23. Philbs

    Another great video. Are rolled porridge oats acidic?

  24. thegypsysoul

    Hi Peggy, thank you so much for these videos. I am currently on a healing journey. I developed eczema over the past year and am struggling with terrible allergies as well. My question is , Is it possible to combine the lemon, ginger and herbs as a tea in the morning? I'm a single mom and am always looking to save a bit of time. lol. Thanks.

  25. holly rae

    please make the acidic foods video! I am a young Naturopathy student and find your videos so useful 🙂

  26. Jakub Nový

    Sure, that would be nice, thank you, Peggy!😉

  27. Uliana Kolinko

    My favorite are Garlic, Cabbage and Ginger, Lemon 🍋 🥰💗

  28. Shirleyann Burrowes

    yes. lemons/limes

  29. Raylene Goodman

    Lemon and ginger for me everyday i love them.

  30. Raylene Goodman

    Yes id like to know about acidic foods PLEASE!!!

  31. TheZiuuka

    Yes acidic foods!

  32. Ad Ar

    Hello dear Peggy, sweet potatoes have a great amount of oxalic acid in them, which causes stones and calcification in many places, including the elimination organs. What is your opinion on this matter? Thank you:)

  33. Leela balan

    Yes. Acidic food

  34. kristin

    So my ? about lemons is the effect on your tooth enamel. Another vegan youtuber that is a dentist says lemons destroy your teeth (?) Also Goji man, veganyoutuber/nutritionist says alkaline water is horrible for your gut and counteracts stomach acids. Just trying to figure this stuff out……

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