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  1. Malika Dickson

    I'm doing all 5 of these things. No wonder I'm not losing weight!

  2. Alexandria Martin

    What if when I try to keep up with what I eat, I kinda obsess over it? I'm prone to go into my old habits of barely eating when I see everything.

  3. Budji Tresvalles

    Joe Leech is cute! 🙂

  4. Imran

    What would be a great starter exercise for someone who is currently trying to loss weight? My diet is almost perfect after I find tuned it based on the facts that I learned from you.(No carb, high protein and fat diet and also I only rink water.)

  5. Loveland Medical Clinic

    exercise definitely is a tricky area. I believe you only lose muscle mass if you do a calorie reduced diet for an extended period. I personally prefer 2-3 high intensity interval training session lasting no longer than 30 minutes per week. Staying active in between by walking is useful as well.

  6. Kay G

    I bought your ebook for weight loss and it tells me I should weigh myself everyday to help keep focused on my goals, yet you say here that you shouldn't weigh yourself any more than once every two weeks. So which is it?

  7. Yuniko Yato

    oh nice 😀 i gained my goal in 2 months then 10% of my weigh already gone
    still going for another 10% but this 1 might take longer =) keeping postive

  8. WM P

    Can you even over exercise? I would say for 99.9% of people probably not.

  9. Jerzy Toeplitz

    do you even lift ? 😉

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