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  1. Kirsten Amber Veg

    Yep I want to see the overnight oats video too please! Miss you! 🙂

  2. Wendy Juarez

    Overnight Oats video. Love your channel, I come from Hayley's channel.

  3. Sara Mitchell

    I came over from Hailey's channel … I have talked to my husband about starting Weight Watchers because I need to lose about 175 to be in my BMI scale. It's so daunting and I have put it off for so long. It is nice to see some WW motivation on YouTube 😁

  4. Angie 73 Sanchez

    Awesome tips!

  5. jasmine oganesyan

    Hi was wondering if you eat your allowance points?

  6. Kristen S

    I also notice it but never have said it. You have a beautiful home! Love your brows too. What do you use? The tips were great. With WW, veggie and fruit consumption along with water are huge, and it's always hardest for me to stick too. I'll check out her channel. Yes, video for overnight oats! Maybe one with chocolate 😂

  7. Jim Boice

    Congratulations on your weight lose. That is really good. I have struggled with my weight all my life. Now being 69 with bone to bone arthritis in both knees it was getting harder and harder to even try and loose weight because i'm not that active anymore. My doctor recommended that I get "gastric bypass" I first have to attend one meeting a month for 6 months with a dietician before insurance will allow me to have it. My 6th visit with the dietician is August 3rd. Surgery likely won't happen until late September or early October. I have lost some weight in the past 5 months. I'm a little nervous about the surgery and how little you are able to eat afterwards. Trust me I know it wasn't easy losing that much weight.

  8. Freedom In A Budget

    Does the tea have caffeine as well? I'm worried about getting headaches if I cut out my coffee.

  9. Myra Moreno

    Please do a overnight oats cook with me video!! And also l love that this video was a bit longer than the usually. Thanks so much for putting yourself out there.. you've motivated me to stay on track and you've given me great meal ideas 🙂

  10. wilma hurley The Fam

    Good looking family

  11. Dat Kawaii Flow

    You are really pretty, I love your freckles and hair

  12. Club Fred

    I love the way you say oot and aboot and Dad!  😛

  13. Living Large on Lifetime

    I just love the way you say pasta lol!!!!! Plus it looked SO DELICIOUS! Great tips and a great points day, good job!!

  14. Jaime LovesLife

    I never thought to heat over night oats! Duh, I hate them cold! And I love the doll stroller on the fridge. Same thing in my house all the time.

  15. healthygirl

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  16. healthygirl

    Please do a video for the overnight oats. 🙂 I want to try making them too!


    You can also add some protein powder and/or some FF/SF pudding mix to take those overnight oats to the next level. LOL

  18. Nancy_C

    Overnight oats video please!!

  19. Jill Tripp

    Yes please! Overnight oats:)

  20. AvonleaMarie80

    Love your new intro!!!! Beautiful family❤️

  21. Denise Muyldermans

    Love to see a video on Overnight Oats.

  22. Millennial Stray

    Lmao I was watching this while getting ready and I heard you say "I'm from Canada if you didn't know" and I was like "oh cool I didn't know that" and then immediately after you said "out" as like "ah-ut" and then I thought.. she's definitely Canadian haha

  23. Tabatha Denkhoff

    Came from Hayley's channel and y'all are so cute! I have been debating doing weight watchers for a while. Would love to see the overnight oats

  24. Denise Moore

    yes I love overnight oats but they're so high in points. a lower point version would be great. also how long do you heat it up for?

  25. Mary Paul

    Came from Hayley's channel. I started weight watchers 2 wks ago for the 4th time, each time with a very successful weight loss, making life time 3xs. For me the hardest is maintaining not losing. I am determined to keep my weight off this time.

  26. Sarah Simpkin

    Yes to overnight oats!

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