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  1. Julia Boros

    anyone watching in 2k18?

  2. Warrior Woman

    Thanks! This helped alot ❤

  3. Blonde Bhaby

    ipone lol

  4. Sancia Beauty!

    subscribed! this video helped me thanks…. oh and I have a channel too if u want to check it out😀

  5. faisa Farah

    you are so pretty

  6. GraceMarianna

    What's the girls name on the cover of the video????

  7. Trampoline Vlogs With Jazmin

    I love this. thanks so much

  8. eliseargentt yt

    People should use this as a two-month beauty challenge! One of these per day!! Mind if I use this?? (:

  9. Beauty Girl

    great ideas thanks for helping me out with my new channel

  10. Bryleigh Lykins Covers

    number 41> ipone Lmao

  11. Evie Tha Queen

    Hey! I've seen your videos, and you seem really nice and cute! Although I'm nowhere near as popular as you, would you be interested in doing a shoutout collab? Basically we give each other video ideas and we have to film them and mention each other. Thanks, x

  12. ItzAngelCakez

    Omg thanks 🙂

  13. Simply Something

    Guru instead of girls

  14. SharmellZaria

    I am going to get inspiration from this video I think it really helped🙂 I hope you subscribe to me and I will back

  15. Zara

    Any smaller youtubers wanna support each other?

  16. Oinks Official

    This helped me so much thnx

  17. Ruby Muñoz

    This is really helpful and I'm thinking of doing my makeup from an celerity so that was a good choice thanks

  18. DesiNationBeauty

    Hey there! We're a joint beauty account (Destiny & Leandra) featuring nails, beauty, fashion, and hair! Do any other small Youtubers wanna support us? It would be greatly appreciated! 😀

  19. Ihuoma and Obi

    *47 "boyfriend tag"

    When you are forever alone

  20. Shãnia

    Great video! This really helped me figure out what to do! You have earned a subscriber 🙂

  21. Soph M

    What app do you make your videos on

  22. Filippa Malling

    I always plan videos months before the actual video and when I run out I watch this and get amazing ideas to videos!!<3

  23. Aneesah

    this is one of my all time favourite videos, I always come back here when I am stuck for ideas! Thank you so much for uploading this!x


    hey I am trying to build a beauty channel . I will be uploading soon. please support me and i will support back :)!

  25. Maya

    how did you find music and edit

  26. Malinda Janelle

    This helped a lot ! thanks love

  27. Serenna Batth

    This is gonna really help for tomorrow when I post my first video im rlly nervous but u helped

  28. Kyraeiffy

    I've subbed💕

  29. Miriam A.

    Please subscribe to my channel!!! I'll sub back. I'm trying to become successful on here.

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