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  1. Jayda Diamond

    I love the message that this lady is conveying but also the poor woman probably isn’t going to make it past 45 and this woman genuinely seems awesome and I admire her, but there’s a line between plus size and obese. Obese is unhealthy and could lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, and other things that aren’t going to be good for their bodies. True body love and body confidence comes from loving yourself enough to take care of yourself and keep your mental state and body healthy!

  2. its Dloff


  3. its Dloff

    broo this I soo bad

  4. TS forever

    fat is ok but too much fat is not ok at all

  5. Gareth Awesome sauce Winslow

    Wow a salon for whales

  6. Klymester

    Lady a lot of the woman that go to your salon are obese not plus size and that is not good not matter what you say cause being that big is not good for your health and if obese is the right word do not wanna be ridiculed or shamed then they need to lose weight not be happy with themselves cause being obese is not healthy

  7. romanievdven

    People fatshaming and slutshaming is sooo 2012

  8. erk thejerk

    I just knew there would be some jamaican dudes at that club..

  9. LilAya

    The truth can hurt, but they have so much confidence.

  10. Harrier Pilot

    Those are good looking,young weamen eating themselves to death."Stop it get some help":Michael Jordan.

  11. Delta 0

    Being fat is not healthy, normal, attractive, or recommended.

  12. Tina Miles

    iv gained weight since i got fibromyalgia , its not from over eating , in fact my portion size are about the size of a childs , i dont drink soda or alcohol , only eat chocolate in moderation ,dont care for cookies or cake , and i get up set when i see people who make them selves fat from over eating because i get lumped in with them, i drag myself up and down my 40ft garden 10 -15 times daily , i also get up and down as much as possible rather than sit all day , iv tried 3 diff types of diets , keto , fasting, slim fast. calorie counting ,nothing has worked ,some people just cant shift weight , all fat people are not greedy or eat bad some are just unlucky

  13. Kathrina

    Terrible how delusional some people are, literally gambling like that with your life

  14. Angry Duck

    “Plus sized”

    No not plus sized.
    Morbidly obese
    You need to draw
    On your life
    Or you’ll die young.
    That’s the truth

  15. Eva Marie

    That bigger girl can’t even get up and dance.

  16. Eva Marie

    Okay it’s not okay to bully people who are obese but it’s okay to tell them to watch their health. Most obese or overweight people usually take the truth as negative anyway. People have to stop praising bad unhealthy things!!

  17. cahyowl

    I feel tired just by watching this

  18. hina Butt

    Omg her weight lol

  19. Enter Name Here

    Everyone is going to come in different shapes and sizes naturally, some bigger than others. But when health amd immobility happens is when it matters.

  20. Domonic Ballard

    There's a lot of issues going on here, weight is not really one them. We need to love one another more. Support people, most women have been molested or treated like a sexual object by someone they loved or trusted. Life isn't always fair. Good luck!

  21. Stacey J

    I’m glad the woman was able to see herself all dolled up. She needed that. Sometimes we get into life and it gets to us. Good for her.

  22. Divine butterfly

    Omg she is huge😨

  23. Skylark Smith

    It's fine to be naturally heavy, but just living an unhealthy lifestyle and viewing that as perfectly okay is going to end badly.

  24. Hhemenistan

    The hair stylest is Plus size and look really curvey and gorgeous … the owner can't move or stand!!! maybe she is very nice but this is not helpful!!

  25. FoodSquad

    Stop promoting obesity. They need to lose weight, not a hair salon.

  26. Rajesh Barman

    Really I like bbw women

  27. Ghostegirl clique

    This is not a salon for big girls it’s a salon for big hearts thank you doll 🙂

  28. G R A H A M

    BTW someone tell my friend if you see him, @TreeTvRadio, to keep his fat girls off of my skateboard.

  29. G R A H A M

    Community theatre Star Wars?

  30. Tasha S

    She just sitts there like a damn toad. Totaly imobile!

  31. Yasmin Styles

    Ok, I get that there are some people who have health conditions that causes them to be obese and there’s nothing they can do about it, but knowing that there’s something that can be done to reduce not only weight but the health problems that comes with, it has to be changed, there’s nothing wrong with loving your body but there’s a line between “plus-size” and “obese”.

  32. I'll tip my Hat for that

    I made a new salon cause I couldn't fit through the doors of all the others

  33. Vizz Cath

    I'm sorry…the fat is covering up all the beauty…it absorbs even the makeup. I dont get why u aspire to be Jabba the hut.
    Pretty sure they won't date a guy of their size as well. Not talking about the chubby ones but the hippo ones
    Why do people even tell them to lose weight? It's clear they are too lazy

  34. Im Asian

    There chair must be strong to hold those tank size women

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