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  1. parag Parag

    What type ball it is where to buy from and it's size where it is readily available

  2. valafurby1

    This helped me TREMENDOUSLY! Thank you so much. I was able to sit up this morning after doing your stretching exercises last night. I will now the the strength ones to make my back stronger.

  3. pow hana

    No weezing the juice

  4. Pink Survivor

    Question because of my back can I use an exercise mat on floor for a little comfort until I strengthen my back/core enough that I can handle the hard floor?

  5. Pink Survivor

    I found a 75 cm ignite exercise ball at Target for $20. Thanks so much for your great help & information regarding the correct size of equipment as well as exercises for back pain! Excited to get started!

  6. thisisbob1001

    Excercise providings

  7. Tom McKevitt

    How often should one do these exercises, daily?

  8. Stephanie Bogart

    Thank you!!! I used to do these in physical therefore when in injured my back in ‘04. I couldn’t remember what they were. My back has been re-injured so I needed to find these

  9. Mister Sunshine

    Thank you for posting this excellent video, greetings from Ireland

  10. Rupinder Kaur

    Can you also mention what muscles we should be focused on using while doing these exercises

  11. FuFill Your ViBes

    What a great tutorial, can you please add more strengthening Swiss ball exercises for low back pain??

  12. BM5X5


  13. thepillarisetti

    The size you mentioned by mistake was 75 inches. It should be 75cms. Please correct

  14. Jam- Roc

    I'm in so much lower back s pain

  15. Kana Mayu


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