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  1. Parul Shah

    Can you post the recipe on how to sprout moong ? Thanks.

  2. Bhakti Patel

    So beautiful..watering…

  3. Sam A

    Awesome n yummicious 😋😋😋😋

  4. Basanta Behera

    I tired the 1st one and it was soo tasty😘😘

  5. Kjyothi 3976

    How to make cream madam

  6. Kirti Gupta

    U said no sugar but in roohafza there is sugar can we skip that

  7. Slave of Allah

    First one is very fatty recipe not for weight loss

  8. vaishnavi gramopadhye

    Tasty and delicious😋✨ weight loss recipes!!.. Wow!! 😊😍👌👌

  9. Aadil Chandiwala

    Which cream u hv used…is it healthy ..plzz reply..

  10. Shwetha Shetty

    I loke all ur reciepes many food item i tried…..its good…

  11. Thattikanti Rehana

    Ultra legends are only reading this comments

  12. spider bro

    Make recipe for Navratri

  13. Tulsi Chinnu

    Repeated once

  14. Vanishri. M Adhyapak shri gurubhyoo namaha


  15. ruksana salim

    Did anyone had weight loss with this recipe

  16. M. Mubarak

    I like ur recipes very much

  17. M. Mubarak


  18. Venydah Munisamy

    Thanks for your recipes.its awesome 👏

  19. Venydah Munisamy

    Thanks for your recipes.its awesome 👏

  20. Kalyani Narayanan

    How is the first recipe without sugar? and it is not healthy at all. Full of fat and sugar.

  21. Kinjal Shah

    Can you share a gola rajwadi gola ,or mali gola using cream ,mava,and rabdi or condensed milk…? Please

  22. AStarkIsBorn

    ‘Healthy weight loss recipes’ starts with cream and adds rooh afzah. Yeah really healthy adding that much fat and sugar fake coloured syrups. Come on! What world are you living in?! ‘No sugar’ ofcourse you don’t have to add sugar when you add syrups

  23. Poonam smart kitchen

    Awesome 👍


    Very nice tq

  25. mehreen aftab

    These are not for weight loss

  26. Chanda Gupta

    Awesome salad recipe

  27. Chanda Gupta

    Aap apna chehra kyon nahin dikhti

  28. Khan Waseem

    Fruit salad with 🍨 awesome

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