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  1. mark friedman

    read the script yourself the computer reading it sounds ridiculous

  2. Raymond Acosta

    It's a fruit

  3. Ben Sisouvanvong

    This video is fuck up liar

  4. Zitch Tomato

    Atleast we dont become red

  5. HunzHurte


  6. EnmpErial

    I've been eating 2 raw tomatoes every day.

  7. Minty Xd

    I’m allergic too tomatoes 🍅

  8. The FPV Life

    A very confusing discussion on tomatoes. This video should have never ever been uploaded.

  9. Lav Lavv

    Just do it in measurements
    Anything too much is not good

  10. J Smith

    I ate only tomato paste for 30 days … see upcoming documentary Red Man. Currently working on gay documentary replacing KY jelly with tomato paste … calling it Red Pack.

  11. Harry Hathaway

    this robotic idiot forgot to mention diverticulitis from the seeds.

  12. Pipa More

    crap crap

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