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  2. Umar Khan

    Mam please summer soup ki recipe

  3. Nazia Sultana

    does it effect on breastfeeding mom

  4. Ramu Das


  5. Ashwini Sawant

    Can we use this soup for weight gain in kids ….or healthy soup for elders and kids….bcoz generally kids dont eat sprouts, carrot pumpkin..etc..so dis way can i introduce to them??

  6. Ruby Ansari

    Mam gajar na ho to kya use kre

  7. Bilal Rashid

    Mam uricaisd high ho to kaya daal soup p skty hain reguler

  8. Tenu kumar


  9. Mayera Khan 733

    👍👍👍 awesome

  10. sonali ambudkar

    Man vry nice ..all soups ..Pls bataye ke dinnr main ye le sakte hai kya …nly soups …ismain kitni calorise hote hai pls wants to knw??

  11. Mrinmay Bayan

    thnk you mem..u r amazing..i like ur all food item..

  12. Nida Habib

    Can we drink this in summer?

  13. Rose Deep

    Such a brilliant idea…
    You're a brilliant tooooo.
    Really loved this.
    Love you my love ❤️😘❤️😘

  14. dr. Urba Joshi

    Your recipies are healthy, yummy..and very nutritious, but this time your lentil soup doesn't taste good. I didn't like it.

  15. Rajashree G M

    Very nice soups thanks

  16. manuu shan12


  17. Minu jai mata rani Singh

    Wow really good information mam love all this please aap mujhe btaiye ise summer or rainy season mai bhi le sakte hain na


    Mam meri ammi ka mouth cancer ka opration hua hai abhi hm sirf liquid de rahe hai wo bahut weak hai doctor ne kaha hai kii protein kii kami hai please koi recepie jaldi batae jo aasani se kha sake or jisme oil masala na ho please jaldi upload kare intizar rahega😢


    Wow thanx mam

  20. parmar parmar

    kya in k use se wait km hoga pls ans

  21. Tanzeela Sheikh Faruqi

    My lovely sis kya m aise breakfast m le skti hu..bcz mjhe cough ki problem h or dairy products mana h plz reply

  22. muskaan harjani

    Winters mein le sakte hai yeh soups?? Because abhi to summer season hai.

  23. Santhi Ramesh


  24. vijaya lakshmi

    Corn flour can we add or not.

  25. Kajal Parbin

    Plan base milk mean

  26. dinujaya pathirana

    Should have done this in English!

  27. Sujit Khalkho

    Hii mamm can I use your soup recipe in summer also..that can reduce weight plsss suggest ..

  28. Sneha Bhattacharjee

    Maam daal ki soup mey paneer dal sakte hain mey dinner mey lungi

  29. Smita Keshetty

    Nice 👍👍👍

  30. shoba suresh

    What's roasted powder in chana soup, pl explain how to prepare it.

  31. Anaghha Dani

    Wow that's awesome 👍👏

  32. Supriyo dutta

    Wo mam masood dal k alaba dusra dal use Kar sakte Hain Kya? Humare yha mashood dal ko nonveg mante hain

  33. Jyoti Sinha

    Excellent weight loss and healthy soups !! Sweet potato soup pls !!

  34. latu 12345

    Kya masoor daal ki jagah arhal daal use kr skte h???

  35. Divyani Pal

    Mam can we use these soups in summer also gor dinner ……… plzzz reply

  36. Patil S

    one person ke lie bhot ho jayega

  37. ok youtube

    Summer soups. Cold will also do. Or dinner in summers ideas. Thanks. You rock 🗿🗿🗿💎💎💎

  38. Aadya Shrivastava

    Mam kya ye soup summer mei le sakte hai kya ?

  39. Shikha Bhagta

    Thanx for sharing this vedio madem…… 👍 nice and easy to cook 🤗

  40. Sam ofe Ofelia

    All are telling about taste not about weight lose you

  41. Jhalathaatchi Krishnamoorthy

    Very interested like👌👍

  42. vyshnavi gupta

    Can we use dis receipe in liquid diet plan?

  43. sabi mamimam

    I have a soup maker.. i can boil everything the shift to soup maker it will heat the grind at the same time…

  44. Maryam Bangash

    Can we use these soups in summer?

  45. Ram Lubhaya

    You can seek In hindi it is best

  46. saroj patel

    all are so good 😊

  47. Rekha Purohit

    Awesome all soup recipes 👍👌

  48. Quazi Nasra

    Zabardast soups bataya aap nea 😋😋😋👌🏻👌🏻

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