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  1. CalisthenicsGuy

    The thing is I'm underweight not overweight

  2. Splashy Gav

    In May I was 232 lbs and now I’m 198 lbs 💪🏼

  3. vegito sensei

    My man you fine like this

  4. Hugo

    Ay Brandon react to hot girl summer by Megan thee stallion cos yo reaction gon be funny af

    Also keep up the good work my guy

  5. QJACKSON124

    I'm with u bro 💪💪💪

  6. Мадина Малина

    Thank you brother for this video, imma join you on this challenge❤️

  7. LifeOf Jayde-Em

    You should think about making fitness videos…

  8. Surya Sivakumar

    React to Loveliveserve:Before they were famous

  9. Will Hudson

    Definitely think this is a great idea to not only motivate yourself but others as well. Stay consistent brother, WE are here with you


    Man am 280 pounds and am 15 and this vid really motivated me thanks

  11. sanquez

    Bro I was also very depressed and was 222 now I’m 189 but let’s do this journey together bro

  12. Sean Alexander Aguala

    Know yourself and Self improvement all the way ✊🏽

  13. 2 PAC

    Odell 5'11 198 90kg

  14. 2 PAC


  15. BootyWarrior Flee

    I’m gonna be doing this workout but I’m not working on weight or anything I’m sticking to my ab workout and arm workout for gaining stronger arms but I’m gonna workout at home after I complete my homework

  16. Playoff James harden

    You said you didn't want a bigger chest or bigger traps because they didn't help u perform better. What is it that you're performing?

  17. Juice

    I’m with you bro. Down 15 lbs doing IF about to hit the gym this next month.

  18. Gavin Crouse

    React to Metallica hardwired to selfdistruct

  19. Latonya Perry

    Do hot girl summer official music

  20. William Marks

    Did you see bayley beat the mess out of Becky Lynch

  21. Ryan McVey

    Just curious if you'll be doing the Ups and Downs of the AEW All Out PPV from this past Saturday?

  22. Jesus Christ

    react to top 15 roronoa zoro moments he is my favourite character

  23. s02 Pzychotik


  24. Luis E. Mercado

    Im gonna join too. Trying to get back to 185 I’m currently at 227.

  25. young lobo

    I'm in

  26. Gavinator 204

    I’m barely gonna be 15 in 2 days and I’m tryna lose 20lbs(rn I’m 140lbs)

    I’m a running back and I want to get better for my team and my looks😂

  27. KIDD NAS

    My guy 💪🏿💯

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