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  1. Seema Gupta

    I am lazy to do yoga everyday but when I do for few days conservative, my face looks younger and less puffyer.

  2. Rosal lumetta

    This is your best awesome look!

  3. iman Safi


  4. Gail Spear

    Hair tucked behind the ears even on only one side looks slimmer and youthful

  5. Heather Greisha

    Nice hair. Beautiful. I can see some beautiful Caitlyn Jenner in you.

  6. Theressa Weter

    All good hacks Dominique…been in the hospital a solid week. We lost our mentally ill son on New Years Eve 😭 and I came down with a severe case of Colitis. May go home today. Took you with me. No makeup has touched my face for a week and a half. I will need a boost of a lot of tips to feel like a human being again. Grief does not pretty make.

  7. Nancy Cannone

    Happy New Year! Thanks for all of these great tips…you inspire me!

  8. ein blick

    Love your haircut 😍

  9. B M

    Are there hacks to make face appear fuller? PLEASE!!!!

  10. Barbara Goodsitt

    I think you look wonderful without the contouring!

  11. Darlene Johnson

    Thank you for your videos. I bought a jade roller, love it. Just had the locks shorten and loving that too. You are awesome. Have a bless day.

  12. joseyl100

    This is a lovely video but Im waiting for a video on a mature face that has lost volume. I need to make the illusion of a fuller face? I don't think anyone has ever addressed that challenge? Thank you Dominique💖

  13. Dragon Mom

    Thank you for this! I wanted to ask if you could please do a video about your journey with menopause management? In one of your previous videos you mentioned you were on Bioidentical HormoneTherapy…maybe a video on that topic in depth? Thank you!

  14. susan johnson


  15. kathy anderson

    I thought the model looked thinner with her hair down😊

  16. Amelie Scott

    I got a Christmas Gift from you this year, (aka my husband). The package read to my BBF —Dominique. I was so confused as to who the gift giver was, until I opened the box and it had some of the products you showcased on one of your videos inside. LOL!

  17. Tiana Dave

    Very informative video … Good work … Keep it up

  18. kristie fabian

    Are there facial excercises that you would recommend?

  19. Marie Santiago S

    I like looking fat face so what!

  20. DeborahE Newton

    IMO you look younger in the before capture….true beauty nonetheless….

  21. Jennifer Lumbra

    I wish you had some “hacks” to make my tummy flatter and the cellulite invisible. Lol Yes, I have “intentions” of exercising more, losing 10 lbs and drinking a ton more water. If I can do just those 3 things I will feel better and then hopefully do more. I have chronic pain and rheumatoid arthritis which limit me differently each and every day, but I want to try harder. Cheers to feeling better in 2020!

  22. Alex Af

    OMG, you just get more beautiful as you age!

  23. Rafaela Santoro

    Thanks a lot and Happy 2020!!

  24. Shirlyn’s Sleeve

    Lovely usual. I just bought a beautiful long Safety Yellow winter coat at Kohl’s (50%) off. Paired it with all black & people stopped me on the street to comment. When you don’t feel the best “pick it up a notch” & it will make a world of difference.

  25. Patra K

    Good job Dominique, keep teaching these youngsters how to contour because when you get to my age contouring is no longer on top of the beauty scale 😂.

  26. Bev Rush

    It has been thinning for a long time. I have talked to my doctor

  27. Eija Storgård

    Great tips! After seeing this I checked my local library if they have Kevyn Aucoin’s book, and they did ❤️. I live in Finland so I was quite surprised they had it😊.

  28. Pamela Buck

    Great Practical Doable Tips ✨ Thank You MyLady 💕

  29. thatsitablelo

    Dominique, please do a video on aging and flexibility?

  30. Annie Abraham

    Wonderful to see you every week and I thoroughly enjoy everything you share. Learning so much. Thank you for showing up every week and everything of value. ❤️

  31. Amethyst Samia

    It’s not the weight gained between Thanksgiving and Xmas that should be of concern. It’s the weight you gain between Xmas and Thanksgiving that’s the issue.

  32. Ramona Cooper

    Happy new year!
    Thank you! 🤗💐💖

  33. Sandrine Girardin

    Happy new year! What is your advices for loosing weight when on menopause?

  34. Pnwgurl 1963

    Not a fan of contouring, bronzer, or high lighting. I am okay with my round chubby face. I don’t need a skinny face.

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