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  1. Marlene Huslig

    How many calories are in just the overnight oats?

  2. Colette Mcwilliams

    I am a little late in the game finding you. Your meal prep looks really good. I wish that you did a shopping list.

  3. Niko Woods

    So if I bake all the salmon, and put the 3 pieces in their seperate containers, and out them in the fridge, how am I suppose to eat each one, each night. Do I put the one I want for dinner tonight in the microwave or over to reheat for dinner? What do I do to get it bake to the freshly baked temp?

  4. Laura Lovewell

    That kale and quinoa salad…yum!

  5. Maria Penaariet

    I found your salmon meal prep video and I just got sucked into watching all your videos I love them keep it up girl!

  6. Amelia Dogwood

    Would I have to adjust the amounts if I used lamb instead of beef? That's what I substitute in most beef things because I don't digest it well. I just don't know where to go to compare nutritional facts so I know I'm not screwing up the plan too much.

  7. Codigo Ambar

    Good video. I lose 8 pounds in 2 weeks by following this diet: => weightlossin3weeks. com <= (Google it)
    my waist is smaller and I feel lighter.

  8. Brandy Taylor

    It would be helpful if you answered the questions on your blog because some of your directions are unclear.

  9. EdTheChief

    So not for guys????

  10. Madeline Spooner

    I got everything on the list, been making the stuff. Tastes really good but I've definitely been here all day.

  11. Tracy Watkins

    Can I use couscous instead of quinoa?

  12. V I

    Wondering if you're related to Daniel Spies from the clean & delicious channel, you sound so much like her.

  13. EvangelionKeep

    This is amazing. Like really amazing. Thank you for keeping things so simple to understand, yet full of rich and complex flavour. You Angel

  14. allie2456

    you’re a queen thank you

  15. matttabi matttabi

    Instead of maple syrup could you use honey? Im not a huge fan of syrup. Weird i know lol

  16. Maryann Stahl

    Thank you for all the wonderful videos on food prep!! I’ve recently started doing this and am trying not to feel overwhelmed (ocd tendencies get me off track!!)
    I am allergic to salmon, would any white fish options be ok to substitute? Cod, Halibut, etc.

  17. Kori Skene

    All of these recipes, only minus the kale, are my favourite meals 😍😍 this is such a delicious meal plan.

  18. Michelle Antoinette

    Thanks for the great ideas.

  19. Michelle Brown

    You're the best! Going to try this. I've been wanting to meal prep but it always seems to take so long. This is a great plan and seems so much faster. Keep em coming Lacey!

  20. Anchezio

    How do you keep your fruits and veggies, especially the salad, from wilting and rotting quickly? Whenever I’ve meal prepped in the past, my lettuce wilts and my berries rot within 3-4 days of purchasing them from the store

  21. A gonzalez

    You are awesome thank you so much God bless you and your family. 🤗👍👍👏👏💓

  22. Linda Hiles

    Thank you Lacey, I might try some of these meals.

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